Our handsome princes are leaving us! 

Actor and model Nam Joo Hyuk returns to the present-day with a message to devoted viewers of his recent K-drama Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. In a an official letter released through his agency YG Entertainment, the 22 year-old star expressed his gratitude to the cast and crew of the series and admitted that he is a Scarlet Heart: Ryeo fan just like the rest of us. 

"Scarlet Heart: Ryeo was a production that was made with a great director, scriptwriter, actors, staff, and everyone. Those 6-months of living as Baek Ah was real happiness. There were difficulties because it was my first historical drama, but I always had fun with the brothers. Especially the scenes with all the princes. We played around a lot and became very close."

Nam missed this historical gem so much he has been watching it religiously. "I missed the drama set a lot while watching the broadcast. I also became one of the viewers and shared the sorrow when I watched my brothers die one by one. It's going to be another drama that I will never forget. I hope there will be a time for us brothers to reunite soon."

Prince Baek Ah will be greatly missed. I can't believe our flower prince drama ends today! Scarlet Heart: Ryeo  was one of the most romantic love stories of 2016. Of course, the love was accompanied by inconceivable heart-wrenching moments too. I wonder why so many had to die because of their devotion and survival.

Are you going to miss your weekly trip back in time? Do you think we should expect a season 2?


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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Source: Via/ Image Credit: Nam Joo Hyuk's Instagram