Nam Joo Hyuk is a happy member of the YG Family! The Scarlet Heart: Ryeo star doesn't have any major complaints about his current agency. He and fellow powerhouse actors like Cha Seung WonChoi Ji WooYoo In Na and Lee Jong Suk are enjoying freedom of expression under the umbrella of the acting department. In an interview today, the 22-year-old heartthrob gushed about how well YG Entertainment treats him. 

"My agency thinks of the actors first. They respect opinions, so I think that's good. I also think it's very good that we do things together. It's the type of label that allows you to do whatever you want."

What does he really think about the cuisine in the famous YG cafeteria?  Nam enjoys the food provided by his team. "I wasn't able to go often this year, but in my memory, it has always been good," he said. 

He hit the jackpot! Superstar co-workers, good food and fair treatment by your supervisors sounds like the dream place to work. No wonder he has landed so many stellar jobs since his debut in 2013. We are all hoping he takes on the role of the water god in TvN's upcoming series Bride of the Water God. Happy stars can't help but bring joy to their fandoms. What other agencies do you feel truly value their employees? 


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