The Bride of the Water God got off to a great start this week! Stars Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung and Im Ju Hwan introduced us to their characters, and they did an amazing job piquing our interest for future episodes. We were even schooled in K-drama gods 101. The world according to Nam's character Habaek is quite different from ours. Habaek's logic made an impression, whether you laughed out loud or froze in utter shock.

Let's revisit some of Habaek's best quotes from the first two episodes. 

1. When an immortal steals your belongings, it's never a crime! It's an honor.

2. Habaek is teaching us that confidence is key. When you want to achieve something, just remember who you are.

3. What does a god do when someone doesn't give him their name and address? They have a fit!

4. Habaek is the master of persuasion. Deities convince you that their kisses are the best thing ever! 

5. According to Habaek, no one ever runs away from gods. 

6. DMVs would love K-drama gods! Even if they're beginners, they are anxious to drive and instantly become driving pros.

7. If you are a deity, you automatically earn the right to be judgmental about new planets. However, we can't help but be taken aback by Habaek's observation of earth.

8. When it has only been months since the last U.S. President left office, and a divinity can't even remember! It's 100% clear that Habaek has lost his powers.

9. Saving a human life from drowning is nothing to Habaek if his food suffered in the process. What was his initial response to his future bride after she dropped his chicken leg on the ground? This.

Which hilarious Habaek quote was your favorite?

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