Nam Joo Hyuk is a gorgeous god! 

Today, The Bride of the Water God star decided to bring his fans behind-the-scenes of his new series by sharing delightful selfies of himself waiting between scenes. Our heartthrob's exquisite facial features are perfectly accented by his lovely dark locks. The gray backdrop makes his already great skin appear flawless. The 23-year-old used a cute, blue hair clip in a couple of snapshots to bring a smile to everyone's face. 

Check out his photos.

The Bride of the Water God is coming along very nicely. So far, the story has just the right amount of humor, action, mystery and fantasy to earn its way into your top 10. It seems like Nam Joo Hyuk was made to play a rigid and aloof immortal. His naivety about the human world is hilarious! However, he picks up on things like driving, skateboarding, and cooking so quickly you think he resided in the human realm his entire existence. 

How would you rate Nam Joo Hyuk's evolution into a water god?

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Image Credit: Nam Joo Hyuk's Instagram