Birdie Buddy Poster

Hope you're all enjoying UEE's new drama Birdie Buddy! The golf drama finally got a broadcast date of August 8 after a year in limbo, and thankfully at that. I don't know about you, but I'm thoroughly enjoying the whole underdog drama, and UEE is proving to be better than just the bratty-star-on-the-sidelines (Cough*You're Beautiful*Cough). Now on tvN, the originally 20-episode drama is now 24 episodes and airs every Monday and Tuesday in Korea.

So here's a new opportunity for you to bust out your creative skills. Each week, you can watch Birdie Buddy here on DramaFever and then submit what you think should be the title of each episode.

Every week, we will have a new post for all new title submissions, and announce the winner(s). The winning titles will be used on DramaFever!

How to Submit:

1) Watch the episodes! (You can't title it without knowing what happens, right!?)

2) In the comment box below, clearly list your titles. You can title one episode or both - just make sure you label which title is for which episode. Try to keep your titles short and simple, and less than 10 words.

Good luck, and have fun!