Thriller drama Remember's Namgoong Min and model Jin Ah Reum are dating. Namgoong Min's agency 935 Entertainment confirmed on February 25, 2016 that the actor started dating Jin Ah Reum after meeting through the short film Light My Fire. Namgoong Min had produced the short film in which she starred. 

The couple has been dating for seven months, according to sources. Before the dating news came out, Namgoong Min and Jin Ah Reum had discreetly shown their love by following each other on Instagram! Jin Ah Reum is a fashion model who debuted in 2008. She turns 27 this year and is 11 years younger than the Remember actor. 

Namgoong Min hasn't dated anyone publicly. He and singer Hong Jin Kyung filmed We Got Married in the summer of 2015, but they never actually dated. 

Scroll down to check out recent photos from both Namgoong Min and Jin Ah Reum!

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Photos courtesy of Namgoong Min and Jin Ah Reum's Instagram accounts.