In his last few dramas, such as  Sensory Couple and RememberNamgoong Min made the perfect hot villain you love to hate and hate to love, but this time, he's making his nice guy male lead debut in Beautiful Gong Shim (a.k.a Beauty of the Beast). The hard-working actor has recently taken to his personal Instagram to share behind-the-scenes moments from the set.

A few weeks ago he posted this adorable photo with his female lead Girl's Day Bang Min Ah, captioned, "#BeautifulGongShim #GongShimAndDante #BeInFrontOfYourTVMay14."

Last week he excitedly posted this fun trailer for the drama with the caption, "#Heyhey #YouCan'tDoThatToAWoman #BeautifulGongShim."

#어허 #여자한테그러면못쓰지 #미녀공심이

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He gave us a behind-the-scenes look with this photo captioned, "#SaintofloveattheConvenienceStore #AnDante #BeautifulGongshim #Goodafternoon."

#편의점성애성자 #안단태 #미녀공심이 #궁에프터눈😋

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And then posted this funny photo from the set:

He quickly posted another from a gas station set that reads, "#Atthegasstationfollowingtheconveniencestore #AnDante #BeautifulGongshim #May 14"

#편의점벗어나봤자주유소 #안단태 #미녀공심이#5월14일

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In the following photo, it looks like he was playing around with his costar Minah's wig. He wrote, “I changed my hair. Shall I try going out? This hairstyle is popular these days.”


Here's what Minah looks like in the same wig, which she wears during her awkward stage in the drama:

It looks like Namgoong Min is certainly enjoying himself on the set of Beautiful Gong Shim! This drama is sure to be funny and romantic because it is by the same team who produced Sensory Couple.

Beautiful Gong Shim is coming to DramaFever on May 17th. Add it to your queue now:


Beautiful Gong Shim

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