There's no denying that Namgoong Min makes an excellent bad guy, as evidenced by his recent roles in Sensory Couple and Remember, but if you've been waiting to see him play the hero for once, here's your chance! The actor confirmed that he accepted the lead role in upcoming SBS drama Beast's BeautyBaek Jin Hee and Ha Suk Jin are also considering roles in the drama.

Beast's Beauty will be Namgoong Min's first time playing the lead in a major network drama, which seems crazy, but it's true. He will play Ahn Dan Te, a charmer who leads a rollercoaster life. He goes from a brawling ex-con who's wrongly sent to prison to a human rights lawyer, and then, to top it all off, it turns out that he's a chaebol heir! Of course he's a chaebol heir — what kind of drama would it be otherwise?

Baek Jin Hee (Pride and Prejudice) is up to play his love interest, an upbeat and hardworking young woman (is there any other kind in dramaland?). She ends up in a love triangle with Ahn Dan Te and his half-brother, the role Ha Suk Jin (The Woman Who Married Three Times) is currently considering.

Lest this sound like an over-the-top melodrama premise, the writer-director team behind the series also produced Sensory Couple, and they have described the show as a feel-good romantic comedy.

What do you think of this premise and cast? Are you happy that Namgoong Min is finally getting his moment to shine? Are you looking forward to seeing more of his abs acting? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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