On December 6, The Last: Naruto the Movie was released in 266 theaters across Japan, commemorating the 15th year of the Naruto franchise. At two select theaters in Tokyo on opening day, fans were treated to greetings on stage by the cast and crew of the movie, and creator Masashi Kishimoto made the surprising announcement of plans to release a movie about Naruto's son Bolt in August of next year.  

After a long 15 years and 700 episodes in Shonen Jump Magazine, Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto is right back to work, writing the story for the next film in the famed franchise. Fans all over Japan and the world lamented the end of an era when the manga ended last month, but now they already have something look forward to. Boruto (Bolt) Uzumaki, Naruto's son, will be featured in an upcoming movie out for release next summer, and what this movie will be about is still unknown, even to the creator himself. "I'm thinking about what kind of story to write," said Kishimoto to a packed theater in Shinjuku. "I just got done finishing up the last episode of the manga after all this time, and I haven't even had time to rest." He was half joking, of course, but if the success of The Last: Naruto the Movie is any indication, he's going to be busy for quite some time. With packed theaters all over Japan, this newest movie, which answers questions that have lingered from the last two episodes of the manga, stands to make over 2 billion yen (16 million dollars), a franchise record. 

This summer, Naruto hands the baton over to his son.

Creator Masashi Kishimoto and Naruto himself on stage on opening day

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Naruto, the last episode