For years, National Geographic has been known as the definitive source for gorgeous nature photos. But this year, the historic publication decided to give its readers a chance at photographic glory through its 2014 Readers Photo Contest.

The contest had over 9,200 entries from amateur as well as professional photographers. The entries came from 150 countries, and you can see the beautiful diversity of the photos below. The contest was broken up into three categories: Places, People, and Nature, and a separate Traveler category. 

The pictures truly span the globe. From a fish market in Tokyo to a scuba diver in Austria to two tigers duking it out in India, the photos showcase the world's manmade and natural beauty. 

The winners are marked below in each section.


[Photo credit: Aytül AKBAŞ]

[Photo credit: Sergey Ponomarev]

[Photo credit: Triston Yeo] ***WINNER 

[Photo credit: Peter Franc]


[Photo credit: Adam Birkan] 

[Photo credit: Brian Yen] ***WINNER 

[Photo credit: Abdullah Alghajar]

[Photo credit: Mattia Passarini]

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[Photo credit: Evan Cole]

[Photo credit: Marc Henauer]

[Photo credit: Marko Korosec] ***WINNER 

 [Photo credit: Hacker Teper]


[Photo credit: Maie Kirnmann]

[Photo credit: Christian Miller]

[Photo credit: Nicole Cambré] ***WINNER 

[Photo credit: Archna Singh]