Press conferences are not for everyone, and they are, apparently, definitely not for celebrity dogs. One of the most recognizable doggy mascots in Japan, Otosan (meaning father) of SoftBank, the major telecommunications company, recently participated in a press conference that he wanted absolutely nothing to do with, and he wasn't afraid to let everyone know.

The white Shiba Inu was pretty much irritated from the the minute the press conference started. Throughout the course of the event, he peed on the SoftBank wallpaper several times, tried to attack or possibly hump one of the hostesses, and was definitely not having any of the two yellow pear-like creatures that were on stage with him.

The press event was planned to promote SoftBank's new discount service for students. Check out the hilarious clip of Otosan peeing on a bunch of things and being all-round really naughty.

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