Welcome, welcome to Neighborhood Hero!!! We’re just going to just hang out in the local watering hole and pretend we are super spies with a tragic past too. Join Taleena, Young Ajummah, and Ekun as we "monitor" this episode from A-Z. 

Watch episode 1:

Taleena: I have to say ladies, this show was right up my alley. I love action-y, mystery, cop-like dramas and this had just enough humor in it to keep it from being too heavy. Sometimes when the weather is bad you need that little bit of humor to keep something from being a downer.

Ekun: Not going to lie--I was more excited to see Park Shi Hoo back in a drama more than anything! And who doesn’t love Lee Soo Hyuk? 

Ekun: The first episode was a bit slow in the beginning. A lot happened, but I found myself looking down at my phone or even walking out the room. But after he got out of prison, my eyes were wide open! Shi Hoo seems shifty--I love it!

Ajummah: 1. HOLY CRAP!!!! This drama started off with the action! 2. I LOVE Park Shi Hoo. Lol. Okay. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it certainly wasn’t this! Well actually, I wanted it to be this but having being in this “k-drama scene” for several years, I didn’t have high expectations. I am so glad the first 5 minutes proved me wrong. Was I the only one that jumped during the car crash scene?

Taleena: The only reason I didn’t jump at the car crash scene is because I saw it coming and braced for it. That first episode had a LOT of exposition to get through, and it did a really good job of setting everyone in motion. We saw just enough of the operation that went bad to know that he is justified in wanting to know what happened really, but to also know that he might well have deserved a little time in the clink.

Ekun: And I am all about him, Shi Hoo, getting those answers! I got so many questions it is not even funny! What is going on with Tae Ho? Why is sunbae/hyung seem shady? Who that girl Chan Gyu was talking to? Who is this pimped out cool cat trying to take over this property? Why does his henchman not comb his hair?!

Ajummah: So many questions! What relationship does the cop have to do with everything? These two episodes are not enough. I like Lee Soo Hyuk’s character so far. He wants to be a police officer SO BADLY! And can I just be a fangirl for a second? *squeee!* His voice is AMAZING! I just want him to say everything and anything to me. Now that the girl from the first episode (I can’t remember her name) has entered the scene, what’s going to happen to the writer? I thought she was going to be the love interest. Maybe it’s too early to tell?

Taleena: Will we get the devil’s love triangle? Two girls and a guy? Ha ha. Cue fan OUTRAGE! I think it is too early to tell. Also I am kind of hoping writer will crush on whom she thinks is Lee Soo Hyuk’s vigilante personae while being attracted to Park Shi Hoo, because that has the potential for comedy gold. Gold! I loved her spy story fantasy. She is obviously my kind of girl.

Ekun: Ahjumma, I am squealing along with you on Lee Soo Hyuk’s voice. I want him to recite some of my favorite sonnets. And Taleena, isn’t any love triangle a devil’s device?! They always seem so unnecessary! Jung Yeon (Kwon Yoo Ri) is a character I do not care a lot about thus far. I am glad she has hopes and dreams, but I was a little salty with her when she was being a snitch about the CCTV’s being installed! I hate that her and her friend are having so much trouble with those other guys… I was like, “Is this legal! can they do this?! Isn’t this a form of harassment?!” *Throws popcorn at the screen*

Taleena: While love triangles are totally overused Ekun, they can be used quite well in the right hands. Love triangles ought to be earned though. CCTV’s are everywhere in Kdramas so it was quite shocking to me that the bar was sans cameras. I think he might put them in himself in secret though. Right?


Ajummah: I agree Taleena! I think he just told the old man he wasn’t going to do it to keep the peace and then when no one is looking, he’ll install them. Also another fangirl moment…. when Park Shi Hoo was doing the pull ups! LAWD, yes! He made me want to work out!

Taleena: Angst Pull Ups are a wonderful thing. I was watching Oh My Venus and so it was a nice little way to wean myself off the So Ji Sub workout scenes. I am thinking Writer Girl would not object to the CCTV cameras if it recorded that.

Ekun: Look, I am not going to workout with you--but I will watch Park Shi Hoo (and So Ji Sub) do the strenuous activity any day of the week. *sips soda*

What do you think drama fans? Who’s good? Who’s bad? Is there such a thing as a good love triangle? Let us know in the comments! Also read: 5 Reasons to Watch Neighborhood Hero

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