Just like Chan Gyu getting blown off by Writer Bae when he went in for a kiss, this show has earned nothing. Show downs, bar fights, poison darts, stabbings, and teary hospital bedside scenes: this show has earned none of it. Come join Taleena and Young Ajummah as we talk it out for episodes 13 and 14 of Neighborhood Hero.


Neighborhood Hero

Starring Park Shi Hoo and Kwon Yu Ri

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TaIeena: Ya know, this show desperately wants to be a tightly written, twisty turn-y action drama with lost loves, Revenge!, and feel worthy characters of ambiguous morality. But, like a giant Horse Lamp in your living room, the choices driving this show are inexplicable to the average mortal.

Screenshot 2016-03-16 at 1.57.58 PM.png

Like the writers...no contact with them apparently.

Ajummah: I just don’t know what’s going on anymore. I mean obviously I do, but one moment I think that I can’t stand someone, and then the next I start to feel sorry for them. For example, Chan Gyu. I liked him. Once I saw him decide to work for the bad guys so his father could own a cell phone store, I got pissed. After everything that happened??? REALLY?!?! Then okay, his father and brother come to the bar and have a “family chat” and I think man, this guy has it bad, trying to support his family like that. Then I feel bad. Same with Tae-Young (horse light man). We KNOW he’s the evil guy. But then we see him talking to JJ about his life and what he plans on doing to reach his goal...and then you see what he does to his “best friend”. Ugh.

So I’m conflicted at this point. Yes Tae Young is evil, but I feel like there’s a reason for it. Those people he works for? THEY are the evil ones. How do you find pleasure in treating someone so horribly? Pouring liquor over his head and then making him drink it? Are you serious?

Screenshot 2016-03-16 at 3.58.35 PM.png

My face watching these episodes

Taleena: Tae Young! It’s like that actor is in a completely different drama. His tone is so different than everybody else’s - even the other baddies. When he was crying, drinking and blame shifting JJ’s death I wanted to double check this was the same show I’ve been watching all along.

Really though, can we be done with Detective Im’s startlingly b*tchy daughter? It pains, physically pains, me to see him talk to her on the phone. I am hoping that this show takes a huge downward turn to Grim Morality Tale. I can’t believe I am actively hoping Tae Young kills her, because that makes me a bad, bad person.

Ajummah: I don’t want her to die...but if she gets smacked around a bit, I wouldn’t mind at all. I would not be allowed to talk to my parents the way she talks to Detective Im. It will be interesting to see how she gets herself out of this one, or will daddy have to come save her? Also why? WHY are they dragging her into this? Does this mean they are going after everyone’s family? I saw the suspicious van sitting outside of Shi Yoon’s mother’s place. I hope they leave her alone or maybe she has some secret ninja skills herself.

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Watch out!  It's a STARE off!

Taleena: I know readers are not reading this to see a litany of things this show does wrong, but let me just make one small observation before we move on to some (mildly) interesting show moments. It is telling that the two big showdowns we have been waiting for: Shi Yoon vs. JJ and Shop Owners vs. Thugs were both incredibly boring. Boring. JJ kills his best friend, ruins his marriage plans, sends him to jail, ends his career, (shot his dog, stole his Bible! Yes, I am channeling my inner Joan Wilder here) and there is no tension. That poison dart outta nowhere might as well have been the writers throwing up their hands and saying, “We got nothin’!”

Ajummah: I agree! I was like “WTF” when she shot him with the dart. Why even wait until after he has a conversation with JJ to do that??? Also Why is Tae Young killing the only friend he had? And why just JJ? The other two sidekicks were right next to JJ doing that horrible fight scene. Why didn’t they die? They just disappeared. *ugh* Now we have Shi Yoon and Tae Young getting ready to show down. Shi Yoon is barely hanging on, health-wise (but didn’t he look good in that suit?) but something tells me that he will survive this somehow. I didn’t feel bad about JJ dying but I just thought it was unnecessary.

Taleena: They disappeared into the genie lamp that Tae Young summoned them from. Honestly, why has he been relying on comic relief thugs this whole time if he had these grade A homeboys from the streets of New York on his payroll? Especially since he has sunk EVERYTHING in this whole Hallyu Mall scheme?

Ajummah: I wonder what will happen in the next episodes. Will this drama ever have an ending? One that we, the viewers, can say “Oh I see. That’s why this happened in Macau and that’s why XYZ...

Screenshot 2016-03-16 at 5.29.09 PM.png

I could tell you, but that would actually further my goals and I can't do that!

Taleena: Tae Young should have just said, “JJ and I were just flunkies in Macau, the real boss is XYZ. Hey, I’ve paid off all the residents. JJ is dead. Revitalization is good for the economy! Let’s let bygones be bygones. I’ll be YOUR junkyard dog if you give me leverage by way of memoirs, because I am tired of being a bad guy.” This stupid “Enemies to the End!” schitck doesn’t look good on someone who has been drawn as a scrapper clawing his way out of the ghetto. On a somewhat related note, Soo Hyuk’s turtleneck bugged all this week with everyone else all suited up fine. Don’t be a ‘90’s era school bully Soo Hyuk, just don’t.

Ajummah: How in the world is this guy not dead yet? Soo Hyuk has been showing his bad guy vibe all over town and no one has addressed it yet. He still works for the company. He still has dealings with Tae Young and the higher ups. Is this guy untouchable?

Taleena: Well, Sun Hoo lived for an AMAZINGLY long time before going out is a Nicholson-esque blaze of glory. Which - BY THE WAY what an random scene with the real suicide note and the wailing family - means that I expect Soo Hyuk to backstab everyone and ascend to the top of the agency in the end.

Ajummah: I actually agree with this. The real REAL showdown will be between Soo Hyuk and Shi Yoon. Maybe someone will take Tae Young out like he did JJ. At this point I feel like anything can happen. I don’t want to say this is a horrible show, but it’s just so random.


It's not serious because there is no humidifier in the room. 

Taleena: Predictions: Writer Bae has been a deep agent for the North Koreans this whole time. Tae Young summons superior thugs from the Horse Lamp by rubbing it three times. Chan Gyu finally makes a move on Seo An when Shi Yoon dies tragically from internal ruptures when he leaves his hospital bed too soon. Hallyu Mall is built and all the teen bullies get part time jobs. THE END.

Ajummah: Love it! Let’s see how many you get right with next week’s episodes.

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