Alright Neighborhood Heroes, we have reached the final stretch. The lines have been drawn and now it’s time to see who ends up the winner. Will Shi Yoon FINALLY get revenge from what happened in Macau? Will Detective Im’s daughter be alright? Will we get an ending worthy of the fans or will there be questions left unanswered. Join Taleena, Eboni and I (Ajummah) as we discuss this and more on the last edition of Neighborhood Hero’s dramaclub.

Taleena: Well, thank goodness THAT is over. Episode 15 was desperate flailing in an attempt to fill the episode order with one exception: Shi Yoon’s mom working the bumbling gangsters to turn them into informants. If Shi Yoon’s mom had been a show regular she would have gotten to the bottom of the mystery, solved the neighborhood problems, and wrapped everything up by episode 4.

Ajummah: I agree! I loved Shi Yoon’s mom and am disappointed that she only had a few scenes where her character really shined. And really...what was that (looking at you episode 15)? The fight scene was laughable at best. The kidnapping scene was strange...but I guess typical? I was underwhelmed. I wanted to see someone get the crap beat out of them (maybe I’m getting too violent for dramas).

As for the overall ending, I still had questions. Did Shi Yoon and his girl end up together? Did the magician and the mom end up together (I was kind of shipping them at the end)? I liked that Chan Gyu became a police officer and I hope he’s working for Detective Im. Big Baddie Yoon got beat by the New York Study Group, but I guess he showed them in the end when he snitched on them. He ended up going to jail though (which he totally deserved).

Taleena: Episode 16 was an exercise in frustration because all those things that SHOULD have happened in the end of 14/beginning of 15: Shi Yoon, Horse Gangster teaming up to get the political movers and shakers finally happened. We had to sit through some stultifying Baddie meetings where they basically sat around drinking and telling each other how wonderful they are, and some pointless handwringing by all involved. I kind of feel like the only reason they had to have Shi Yoon and Horse Guy wait to team until the last episode was to put Shi Yoon in the hospital. It would have been a 1000% more interesting if they put Shi Yoon in the hospital and Chan Gyu and the Barflies had to do everything without Shi Yoon holding their hands. I also kind of hoped my half joking predictions of Shi Yoon death from internal bleeding would pan out. I think the writers were too pansy to go there. Sad!

Ajummah: Lol Barflies. The ending with Shi Yoon making a remarkable recovery a year later made me roll my eyes. His death scene (unconscious scene) was very believable. At least to me. I was ready for him to go.

Taleena: I have to admit when he made that choking gurgle I literally laughed out loud.

Ajummah: One death that maybe didn’t shock me, but made me say “oh” was their Director’s death. As a matter of fact, THAT whole storyline with his driver working for the New York Study Group was ridiculous! Really? We’re introducing more plots twists in the final episode???

Taleena: Yeah, it’s like a random red shirt stepped forward to be a major player all of a sudden. Really, the secret mole should have been Writer Bae. The writers just had no idea how to end this thing. Two McGuffins: the Macau Secret and the memoirs were both revealed as beside the point. We have known that the men behind the curtains have been “The New York Study Group” for episodes and episodes now. Their power was only in their shadowiness and Shi yoon could have exposed them ages ago to some muckraking reporter. Yawn. This was not effective as a spy story, vigilante story, gangster story OR police drama. It was not enough one thing or another thing to have real weight.

Ajummah: I tried. I really tried. I’m a sucker for spy stories and everything else you mentioned but ehhh this was all over the place. What happened to the lawyer? Did I miss her exit? Last I saw her, Big Baddie Yoon asked her and Chan Gyu to wait outside while he and Shi Yoon fought. I guess she had had enough.

Taleena: She is still waiting endlessly in the hallway.

Ajummah: *smh* Well, maybe she’ll bail him out in the sequel. There could be one you know. Follow Detective Im and his crew of cops as they track down local bad guys. Though I noticed some of the baddies are now good guys. Or at the very least, equal guys. Did you see them standing with Writer Bae and Chan Gyu?

Taleena: No sequels! NO! NO! Yeah ever since Shi Yoon’s mom straightened them out they have been a credit to society. What is with fourth wall breaking at the end? That was random.

Ajummah: It was but at that point I was desperate for something so I kind of thought it as cute. Ehh, Chan Gyu even wanted to lighten things up.

Taleena: OK, overall rating 2 stars, because the Horse Lamp deserves recognition and the actors did their best with what was there. Mostly. You?

Ajummah: Agreed. That Horse Lamp was massive. It should have had a few minutes in the finale. The moms too. They were great.

Taleena: The Horse Lamp has been getting a lot of play in my social media circle. It’s currently slated as my candidate for the 2016 elections so there’s that.

So tell us what you think! Did you enjoy this drama or did you find it underwhelming like the dramaclub! Leave your comments below so we can chat and thanks so much for sticking with us during our review of Neighborhood Hero!

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