On this block, you are either a spy, former spy, following spy like activities, or writing movies about spies! Welcome to the neighborhood! While the hood is steeped in mystery, shade, and espionage; Taleena, Ajummah, and I (Ekun) try to put the piece together fragments of the past and future. Join us as we take a stroll around the block and congregate at the local watering hole to find more clues… Will Shi Yoon be there?! *Glittering hope in my voice*

Ekun: Another week of this show and I am finally more invested! Seriously, these last 4 episodes were very much of a setup of where we are going. Now that I have a lot more clues and pieces in the puzzle, I feel like I can feel the trajectory of where this story is leading us—I like it!

Taleena: I have to tell you: every time they delve into the backstory of the bad mission it looks sketchier and sketchier. I think a bunch of the spies and former spies are just trying to get to the bottom of what looks to be some serious bad guys comprising a chunk of the intelligence community with money, but I just don’t know. What I do know is Cop Wife should be suspicious of the 3 million won a week work her hubby is doing, because he is not suspicious enough.

Ajummah: I am over these back stories. I know Jin Woo died. It was horrible but we know why Shi Yoon wants revenge. Why must we replay the same scenes over and over. Maybe I’m just being grumpy ajummah.

Ekun: No ajummah, you right--hence the reason I was annoyed for a good portion of the episodes! If we are going to utilize the past, give me more evidence of why it is necessary! Taleena I think Tae Ho was suspicious! But his shifty sunbae has “drowned” the curiosity out of him. I honestly think his wife is selfish, but since this is a dark humor, I see the need to hyperbolize certain aspects of the show. But seriously, shifty sunbae is working with Shi Yoon old chief who claims to be doing a desk job, but clearly he is doing a lot more than typing up memos and making photocopies at HQ.

Taleena: That was an INTENSE scene. They didn’t do much but the implications were very scary. It’s hard to know if it was just a scare because National security stakes are high or what. 

I am leaning towards Tae Ho’s sunbae being a baddie and Tae Ho a good guy, but honestly that just could be because they are totally leading me that way. I must say I had the major feels when Shi Yoon realized the restaurant was owned by his old partner's mom. I was glad that Tae Ho was guarding it at the end also.

Ekun: Is that what that was? That does makes sense—but I was totally thinking he only wanted to clean up his appearance after he told off the people when the thugs left the first time. I was about to count him as being another dark hero. But I think this show will be full of them. Am I the only one who thinks Ji Woo is still alive out there? Something just didn’t seem right with Shi Yoon’s former boss, Jung Soo Hyuk, and that whole situation.

Ajummah: I thought that he was alive when Shi Yoon was sitting on the floor going through a (yet another) flashback. He kept saying what happened to you? So I found myself thinking, well maybe he just passed out and when Shi Yoon got knocked unconscious (which I don’t think happened) they took Ji Woo out.

When I saw the mom at the restaurant crying over him, I said to myself, okay no he’s dead. But then again, maybe…? This drama has my brain hurting, lol.

Taleena: Oh maybe. If he does come back it is because he is a total bad guy. I tend to think he is dead, because otherwise we wouldn’t have gotten that scene about his mom’s birthday. I kind of want his old flame to be a baddie. I have nothing for their romance. Nothing. I want him to move on from her because she doesn’t interest me and I don’t think they have any chemistry.

Ekun: It was something about the way Ji Woo responded when he saw them talking about being together. Something just doesn’t sit well with me about it. 

Honestly, I am not enjoying his former fling, Seo Ahn, or his potential with Jung Yeon. She a snitch… And snitches get stitches! I like her more with Chan Gyu because they play off of each other very well. By the way, I had serious ???? in my eyes when I found out Lee Soo Hyuk was going to do this show because it is dark humor, but I think he is doing a phenomenal job! He is one of the best things about this show! Did you see the feaf in Chan Gyu’s eyes when he saw what the “Shadow” was doing to those men? That was a real moment in my book!

Taleena: None of these ladies are exactly covering themselves in glory, although I am somewhat sympathetic to the “see something, say something” going on with Jung Yeon. 

She knows Shi Yoon is sketchy and hiding things, but is fairly oblivious that everyone else is too. The lady with the kid (side note: that kid has a major Calliou problem. 

He seems so whine-y. Maybe it is because of his all cry, all whine, all the time performance on The Worst Kdrama Ever - Greatest Marriage - but I was cringing through that whole sequence) used her own kid as a mission for crying out loud!

Ekun: Did she? I thought she just needed a father so her kid wouldn’t be embarrassed! Wait was she the one who came back to the bar boobs all set to go?!

Taleena: yup!

Ajummah: Taleena I didn’t know that! I thought she just needed a stand-in as well. And good grief that kid was annoying. Be grateful that this guy is trying to help you out. LOL @ Taleena’s Calliou comment. I didn’t think it at the time but yes, he definitely had some Calliou tendencies.

Ekun: Dang Gina! She cleans up well! I was thinking she is the only female character I could potentially care about! Oh well. So I see a number of people coming together to make the group of heroes for the neighborhood. Thus how heavy is the head that wears the “H” cap!

Ajummah: My predictions for next week! I believe Shi Yoon will have a side-kick in Chan Gyu, and he will find out about his old boss. His ex-love will be back again and there will be some weird triangle between Shi Yoon, Writer Bae, and Chan Gyu. What about you?

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