Welcome back to the neighborhood, heroes! How hyped were you these past two episodes? Did you squeal like the drama club did? Were there any tears? Join Ajummah and Ekun [Taleena is out this week :( ] as we break down this week’s episodes of Neighborhood Hero and try to figure out what is Shi Yoon’s end game.


Neighborhood Hero

Starring Park Shi Hoo and Kwon Yu Ri

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Ajummah: These were an intense two episodes weren’t they? I was flinching, yeling at the screen and yes a few tears escaped my eyes. I need for Baek Shi Yoon to get himself together and either move forward with whatever plan he has or let it go. I like that he’s helping the neighborhood but really, what is he doing? Looking for who double crossed him? I think we all know who that was.

Ekun: Look, he needs answers and I am not mad at him. Seems like the people who were supposed to help and support him screwed him over. It is almost like City Hunter, if he wants to seek revenge and die I am all for it. Revenge really is a hollow thing--once it is fulfilled, what more do you have to live for? As long as Shi Yoon has that in mind, I will be down for whatever he wants to do. I am not one for sharing sentiments for others who constantly do wrong--I am not as kind (or simple) as Ji Woo’s mom.

Ajummah: Awww man, Ji Woo’s mom. I don’t know why Shi Yoon lied to her about being with Ji Woo (maybe guilt) but when she came to the bar and wanted to know the truth, I felt a lump in my throat. *sigh* I don’t know how Shi Yoon will face her now that he knows that she knows he was part of the team that Ji Woo was part of when he died.

And it was as if that man was waiting in the wings, here comes the man that actually killed Ji Woo. Now he’s after President Hwang. I wonder how Chan Gyu will act once he finds out about President Hwang. He really did care for him.

Ekun: I was stunned that President Hwang was killed so soon! Sunbaenim, Jung Soo Hyuk, is doing too much! He totally told Ji Woo’s mom about Shi Yoon being assigned to his team before he died, they are using the subcontractors, Tae Ho and Chan Gyu, to monitor every step so they can kill them and place the blame on someone to make it look like they were not the killers! Korean Intelligence is a bit of a mess… well, that goes for all countries with spies and espionage. I really need to know what went down in Hong Kong! Oh girl lost her job because of her part in the operation, Hwang and other dude Chan Gyu was following is dead, and now ex-girlfriend, Seo Ahn, is back?! She is suspect to me--don’t trust her! done

Ajummah: Soo Hyuk is trying to do what he needs to cover his tracks. In my eyes he’s being reckless and I wonder how in the world no one, *cough cough* Shi Yoon, hasn’t realize what he’s doing! Actually I think President Hwang knew...but now he’s dead so. And from the looks of the previews, they are going to arrest Chan Gyu. The bad guys have everyone in their pocket don't they?Police officers, political folks, random street thugs…

I wonder if the writers are going to reveal what Seo Ahn has been up to since everything went south in Macau. She didn’t seem to mind that Shi Yoon kissed her as soon as she walked into the bar. And OMG THAT KISS!!! It looked like Shi Yoon was trying to inhale her face! I guess he was going for the “I really missed you” look.

Ekun: Was he? I thought it was simply 3 years of pinned up frustration from being in the pen! Either way, I got a little swept up until I realized who he was kissing. I’m telling you--don’t trust that girl! She came back too conveniently--wait! His eyes were open weren’t they!? Maybe he knows they are trying to run game on him through her! I need him to start putting the puzzle pieces together quickly. I have a feeling he has more allies in the bar than enemies… but can we take a moment of silence for President Hwang? *Insert silence here* The bar is not going to be the same without him. *Sigh*

Ajummah: Yeah...it’s going to be hard for the regulars to continue on without President Hwang. But maybe this is what they need to get on board with Shi Yoon’s plans...whatever they are. I know the woman with the child is down for whatever he plans, but they need the magician and the other regulars.

I hope nothing happens to the other older people on the show. Like Shi Yoon’s mom as well as Ji Woo’s mother. It seems like the neighborhood thugs are out to get everyone over the age of 50. Did you see how they tossed the granny to the side when they were looking for her grandson? I wonder if bullying is really like that in Korea.

Ekun: Not sure, but I promise if my kid ever talked to me like Tae Ho’s daughter talks to him, I would have one less child in the world and get away with it! Man! But I am excited by these little street punks who know that Shi Yoon is the Shadow--I hate to see kids get tossed around, but he seems pretty bent on learning lessons the hard way! And he needs to be tossed around the way he tossed granny!

Ajummah: Oh yes! His daughter. I have a teenager and I told him IF HE EVER… when she didn’t say thank you for the allowance, I would have snatched it back and walked her right to school. Why is Tae Ho acting so skittish around his family? His children do whatever they want and he just smiles and accepts it. *shakes head* Not in my house. Hopefully his oldest girl stays out of harms way though.

Ekun: Agreed. But the ones who think they grown always come back like the prodigal they are. I can’t wait until next week--Hwang’s death, Seo Ahn’s reappearance, and Ji Woo’s mother take on the situation is enough to keep the story moving forward. This is totally a drama where no one is to be trusted and friendly smiles are just as deadly as poison darts!

So what are your thoughts? Have you figured out who betrayed Shi Yoon and his team in Macau and why? Are you ready to throw on your “H” cap and take out the neighborhood baddies? Do you think Shi Yoon and his ex-fiance will be getting back together? Find out next week on Neighborhood Hero!

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