Shi Yoon and all the players deal with the fallout of President Hwang’s murder. Everyone is monitoring everyone else, and we see a LOT of discreet meetings a vague threats. Join Young Ajummah, Taleena and Ekun as we discuss episodes 7 and 8 of Neighborhood Hero.

Taleena: Half way through the series and I think there isn’t ONE person who is out of the spy loop altogether. Maybe Detective Im’s hapless fellow cops?

Ajummah: I KNOW! I need to start writing things down to keep up because it seems like EVERYONE is in on the spy thing. Actually I was really surprised and a bit proud of Detective Im’s wife. She decided to get in on the spying game and was actually doing really well with it.

Ekun: If there is one thing to be said about this show, is that no one, absolutely no one, can be trusted! Some of Detective Im’s wife conclusions were a bit ridiculous and shallow, but I guess if you only work in the house all day, you can become a bit sheltered.

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Taleena: Truth! No one expects the 40 year old mom to be a spy. Although, I totally wanted to beat my head against the wall when she was ruling out Im’s sketchy buddy because he set Im up in the too-good-to-be-true money biz.

Ajummah: Agreed. I think she will see the error of her ways soon. Actually speaking of Im’s sketchy friend. What do you think he’s playing at? Why is he trying to get in good with Chan Gyu? Is he planning on framing Im? And why the blankity blank is Chan Gyu believing him?!?! OH HE MADE ME SO MAD!!! I wanted to scream. I think I actually did scream. Chan Gyu was acting ridiculous. Lying to everyone about his relationship with the sketchy guy and getting ready to delete his picture off the camera… WAE?

Ekun: I think Chan Gyu is trying to wise up, but not quite in the way we hoped. Or maybe he is going to try and play everyone to see who is really who? Don’t know, but he is a bit disappointing. That recording he listened to could have been anybody… Think boo, think.


Taleena: I thought at first that he was cozying up to Sun Hoo (Mr. Sketchy) just to save his skin, but when he threw Writer Bae under the bus to Shi Yoon I just groaned. On the other hand Sun Hoo’s whole bag is to suborn people and he is mighty good at it.

Ajummah: Yeah, he certainly got Detective Im. Though I think Im now realizes that something isn’t right with him.  I’m surprised that I was still getting choked up over President Hwang’s death. The moment in the bar when they were all doing a moment of silence… *tears* I can’t believe they killed him for his memoirs.

Ekun: I totally believe they would! His memoirs could devastate the core of the intelligence community, not to mention he always said the “truth” would finally come out–makes me wary of what they are really up to.


Taleena: OK I gotta say I am not emotionally connecting with anyone on this show...with the exception of Sang Min, Keeper of the Horse Lamp. Everything about him from his frustration at the toadies, to his reactions to Chan Gyu’s inept martial arts, to the surprisingly moving story of his lost love evoked a response. Every single other person just makes me want to yell at them.

Ekun: Everyone makes me tired! Because we are 8 episodes in and either they are idiotic, nobly idiotic (Jin Woo’s mom), or just plain ridiculous.

Ajummah: It seems so weird to me that they wait until now to introduce a possible love interest to Sang Min. He basically said to Lawyer Seo “let’s have a relationship because you remind me of my dead first love.” Ridiculous. I’m glad that she told him (as weird as it may sound) we’ll have a relationship, not because I like you but because I want to go far in my career.

The only one I was emotionally over was President Hwang. Now I think I get angry more than anything else. For example, Shi Yoon’s ex is back in his life but she’s playing him. And he’s falling for it, hook, line and sinker. How is it that he knows EVERYONE is out to get him but he doesn’t think she’s keeping tabs on him for the agency. This pisses me off.


Taleena: The oldest trick in the book is pillow talk. I really hope that Shi Yoon is playing her too. When they had that whole conversation about “who can I trust?” I was yelling NOT HER!!

Ekun: I still remember when she first came back, his eyes were open… He had me singing Bruno Mars, “Had your eyes wide open, why were they open?!” So hopefully that is an indication we can take solace in?

Ajummah: Yeah. I think Writer Bae is on to her though. Hopefully next week everything comes to light. It makes me wonder though, was she in on what happened in Macau? Because that would be just horrible.

Well Drama fans what do you think? Is anyone trustworthy? Do you have the feels for anyone?  Let us know in the comments!

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