Oh Snap, crackle, pop! After 10 episodes, things are finally coming full circle! The block is hot, snakes are in the grass, and we're popping bottles with Chan Gyu at the Neighborhoodspot! Join Taleena, Ajummah, and me as we pull apart the latest episodes!


Neighborhood Hero

Starring Park Shi Hoo and Kwon Yu Ri

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Taleena: I wish this show would do two things — one that it articulated, and one that it did not. To wit: 1) Shi Yoon would cut a deal with Gangster Dude of the Horse Lamp, and 2) That Writer Bae would turn out to be a deep agent mole hunter that only the audience would ever discover was a spy. There is something so *surface* about all of these characters. Or I guess more accurately, they are stultifyingly predictable. I want something MORE. I think I would have been even happier if Chan Gyu went full bad guy in his attempt to meet his obligations rather than cop out with the intro of his bad boy brother. I am not sure this show has the huevos to do something like that.

Ekun: I see things differently with Chan Gyu. I am already so annoyed with everyone and everything else that I was elated he listened to Spike Lee and Did the Right Thing! Everyone is a “victim of circumstance,” making excuses for their piss-poor behavior. At least he knew he was a punk and wanted to change to a better person. Seriously, these last 2 episodes blew me—these people are crazy! Can someone tell me how money makes people go bananas? Don’t get me wrong, I like my money, but to throw someone under the bus and expect them to be like, “It’s ok. I understand you were doing what you had to do despite my bleeding leg and broken femur.” Double U T F?!

Ajummah: These 2 episodes...I was worried for Chan Gyu. I thought he was going to die multiple times, I started questioning his loyalty to Shi Yoon, and he had me yelling at my screen “are you serious???” I thought he was going to be a turncoat for 3 million won. I’m glad he came to his senses. Detective Im too. I’m under the weather this week (the flu) so the medicine had me emotional right along with him when he was ironing out his money to give to his daughter’s piano tutor. I hate what he was doing but I understand he was trying to figure out how to cover the bills his family keeps creating. Mom, did your daughter really need top of the line piano tutors?

Taleena: I suspect that is an artifact of cultural divide, although goodness knows our own country has a spendthrift issue. I drove me bonkers. Not that Im asked for a received his final pay (I would have soaked the baddies for as much as I could get), but that when it turned out that the easy money had huge strings attached AND HE TOLD HIS WIFE, neither one of them went, ‘hmm maybe we can forego piano lessons’. At least Chan Gyu is using the money for food, shelter and other necessities.

Ekun: Look, I heard that girl playing piano… Those expensive lessons will be a waste! She can’t even keep the count (time signature) together. But on the for realz: anything that seems to good to be true, often is. Why has most of our characters had to learn that the hard way? One other thing about this money… Chan Gyu aboji, we ain’t getting 3 million won to continue to spoil and enable *censored* hyung! Why does Chan Gyu have to bear the brunt of his wrong doings?! Maybe extended time in jail will do him some good. And Seo Ahn *Sigh* don’t think with your lady parts! You think they going to let you and Shi Yoon live a peaceful life after you get them memoirs?! Naw girl, naw.

Ajummah: Seo Ahn looked like she was surprised, dare I say shocked, that Shi Yoon found out about her. I had to chuckle. I can’t believe she really thought she was spying on him for the agency “to keep him safe.” PUH-LEASE. There should have been a warning sound in her brain when he wouldn’t show her the note from Detective Im. He showed you the memoirs but not a tiny piece of paper? Hmmm something is wrong here. I’m not too sure that he was able to write her out of his heart like he said he did, though. It seems too simple after the history that they had. Ah well. Maybe they’ll get back together in the end.

Now, Shi Yoon is going to have to help out Im because it looks like he’s being framed for that ahjussi’s death. Also, the guy that killed him...wasn’t he the one that was in jail with Shi Yoon?

Taleena: No, the killer was Chan Gyu’s older brother. That is where he got the money to pay Chan Gyu back. Right? AS for Seo Ahn...sigh...what is with these spies not being terribly good at their jobs? You know there is something hinky about a mission 3 years ago, you find out that your current mission - you know the one to discover what happened three years ago? - may ALSO be compromised. So you RUN tell the guy that connects them both instead of playing it close to the vest and making a decision? It’s like she’s running into the street saying “Kill me, KILL me! I need to make Shi Yoon’s Revengening more poignant!” Is Writer Bae the only one to see how dumb everyone is?!

Ekun: No, no, no. The killer was Jae Chul… Some little thug that was hired by Park Seon Woo, the same one who is telling everyone “it is for the good of the country”. Writer Bae… I honestly find it amazing how she was the stupidest character turned common sense guru within 3 episodes. She also made me mad how she treated Chan Gyu… Now she all under Shi Yoon? Naw writers, Ekun don’t like or buy it.

Ajummah: Writer Bae has knowledge beyond her years, lol. So if Chan Gyu’s older brother is the killer...man he truly is a loser. Why would he do something like this? And how are they going to tie Det. Im to the murder? I didn’t see anything around the body that could point the finger to him, though they only showed the scene for a minute. This isn’t the first time they tried to set him up for the fall. When will Im learn to cut ties with not just the side business he had going on, but with his supervisor at work? As soon as he saw him eating a meal with Mister horse statue baddie (I forgot his name), he should have kept it strictly professional.

Taleena: So far *everyone* has some sad tale of woe about how they are being tricked and used to further corruption or wrongdoing. I don’t doubt spying involves many shades of gray, but I am rather tired of hearing “poor me. they lied to me!” I suspect that it is the politician who will be cast as the ultimate baddie, and after all politicians are easy targets.

Ekun: I need to know who this Curtis Brimmer is, and why he had the authority to kill Jin Woo, and why it must remain under the rug! And is Sang Min, Horsie Lamp Man, apart of intelligence too?! Why does it seem like intelligence is the most corrupt organization not doing anything for the *censored* common good!?

Ajummah: A question I still have about Macau. After the man who killed Jin Woo...well killed Jin Woo, what happened? How did Seo Ahn and Shi Yoon get away? Why did Shi Yoon go to jail and Seo Ahn stayed in the agency? And if that baddie can recognize Shi Yoon, wouldn’t he recognize Seo Ahn? And I guess we got a little bit more of the back story. Horse statue baddie was the one that told the strangler guy to kill Jin Woo, but someone was behind that. Someone from the agency, and it wasn’t their boss. I thought it was originally but now, I have no idea.

Taleena: Politicians and shadow “money men” in Macau.

Ekun: I am starting to feel like I am watching Lost all over again… So many questions and not enough answers. It makes you weary after 10 episodes. Hopefully, we will all get the revenge, and answers we, and Shi Yoon, are looking for!

Ajummah: Agreed. Hopefully it won’t take another 10 episodes (ala LOST) for us to get to the truth. Or at the very least, find out what the hell happened in Macau.

What the happy hell did happen in Macau!? Hopefully we will get answer—join us next week! Fan service… They are no angsty pull-ups, but we take what we can get!

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