Are you ready for SF9?

FNC Entertainment is preparing for an imminent debut of the first male dance group and a special fan event. 

Following winter teasers, the adorable series Click Your Heart and an epic music battle on Mnet's D.O.B, the talented boys of NEOZ School are excited to announce that the name of their group is SF9. The name stands for Sensational First and the 9 is symbolic of the Chinese character representing "long time". The meaning behind SF9's name is all about positively. FNC hopes their first male dance team becomes world-renown and enjoys lifelong popularity. Your new 9 biases Cha Ni,Rowoon, Ju Ho, Da Won, Young Bin, In Seong, Jae Yoon,Tae Yang, Hwi Young apparently have something special planned for fans on August 27. Today, their official Facebook page posted a teaser message telling fans in South Korea more details about the event will be posted on their Daum Fan Cafe.

SF9 is the first boy group to master the intense NEOZ School training system at FNC, and challenge fans' bias lists several months before their debut. I'm definitely guilty of pre-fangirling since the Spring! Who wasn't an instant fan of Click Your Heart? You may remember my gushing about Cha Ni's captivating acting and Ro Woon's stand out performances

Do you think SF9 will surpass their label seniors CNBlue and FT Island?

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