The Click Your Heart stars are delivering the ultimate fan service!

FNC Entertainment's newest boy band is dancing their way into fans' hearts by being super cute. After romancing AOA's Min Ah in the new heartwarming short series Click Your Heart, the guys decided to film a cover dance of one of her group's songs and uploaded it online! NEOZ School nails the sexy moves and makes the choreography all their own. Fans around the world will be smiling from ear to ear as they watch this adorable short cover video.

I loved them in Click You Heart, and this video was an absolute joy to watch! It's impossible not to smile as these new idols light up a room with their presence. I'm interested in learning more about the band as the year goes by. I was Team Chani throughout their first K-drama because he was so bubbly and energetic. However, it was a tough decision with Rowoon being such a doll. 

Which team were you rooting for in Click You Heart?


Click Your Heart

Starring Kwon Min Ah (Min A) and Baek Ju Ho

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Source: NEOZ School's YouTube Channel