According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Netflix and Nintendo are set to produce a live-action television series of the popular fantasy and action-adventure game series Legend of Zelda.

Since it's release in 1986 for Nintendo's Family Computer game system, otherwise known as Famicom and also as NES in the United States, the Legend of Zelda has become one of Nintendo's most popular and successful franchises, with over 17 games in the series and an animated television series airing in both Japan and the United States. And now, almost 40 years after the introduction of the Legend of Zelda, the iconic series is set to be produced together by Netflix and Nintendo. A source has stated that Netflix is hoping to create a show which will be like a "family-oriented Game of Thrones."

Neither Nintendo nor Netflix have released any official statements, so there is no guarantee that the show is going to happen. Projects always get shelved for one reason or another in show business, so fans will just have to wait and see. But if the Wall Street Journal's reporting on it, it's probably safe to say that an announcement will be made sooner than later.

Stay tuned.