If there were a contest to see who could do the best Big Hero 6 cosplay, a netizen named Jin already would have taken home the first place trophy. Jin's resemblance to the main character Hiro is completely uncanny. 

Jin has posted the images of her perfect cosplay to her Tumblr page, Adventures of Jin & Friends, where she also explained a little bit of the backstory of her interpretation of the main character: 

"I usually disagree when people tell me I resemble this or that character, but for some odd reason I really felt a connection to Hiro. I felt it with the particular way he expressed things with his eyes, that button nose, uneven teeth, thin lips, the long oval face shape, and the slight underbite."

Jin's blog has tons of pictures of the cosplay, and she even got someone to look exactly like Hiro's older brother Tadashi. 

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