When Mei Aicai chose to study abroad in the Ukraine, he probably had no idea that he would one day become an Internet celebrity. The successful businessman is from the Heibei province in China, but he is most famous for his beautiful Ukrainian wife and daughter.

Unfortunately, not everyone is super happy with Mei Aicai. Since he began posting photos of his luxurious life in Ukraine, many netizens have been critical of him, especially when they learned that he married his wife when she was a high school student.

Some of the negative comments from netizens include the following: 

They couldn't believe that the Ukrainian woman would marry a “regular guy from China.”

“She’s probably only with him for his money.” 

"I don’t understand. He had no money and he couldn’t speak Russian well, so how did he find a girlfriend? How did he communicate?"

"So let me get this straight: He looks like a dork, flunked Gaokao, went to Ukraine believing it was in Africa, joined art school without being able to draw, played ping pong instead of studying, yet he ends up with a beautiful and sexy wife, a healthy child, a house, money, and a thriving business."

It's also worth mentioning that his wife, Mei Dasha, is extremely attractive, which only seems to be adding fuel to the fire. Many netizens seem to be fairly jealous of Mei Aicai's life, but some have said some positives things, such as the following:

"I’m going to the Ukrainian Embassy this afternoon to get my visa."

"Chinese people’s diligence, hard work, shrewdness are a rarity among most countries in the world. Yet, China’s population density is too great and can mask [these qualities], but if you let Chinese people out in the world, the world will truly see the power of the Chinese people!"

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