Netizens have weighed in on the new Godzilla and the results are pretty definitive: Godzilla, you got to lose some weight, buddy. Internet commenters have been blasting the giant monster's body size since the release of the official trailer for the new Godzilla film that is scheduled to be released on May 16th.

People have even begun to draw up comparisons of how the new Godzilla looks compared to the old ones. On one Japanese forum site, 2ch, commenters spared no words when lamenting on the new Godzilla looking way too overweight.

Said some commenters:


He's gone 'Supersize Me.'

Is this Sin from Final Fantasy X?

Out of shape Godzilla

He's got no neck...

That's what happens when all you do is eat and lay around.

He looks like a komodo dragon

A couple of the comments were positive and pretty funny:

He's pudgy and cute.

He looks better than the previous Hollywood Godzilla.

I guess the final verdict will come after the film premieres in May, but for now, Godzilla can use that time to start jumping some rope and laying off the french fries.

Should this man go on Weight Watchers? Many think so.

It's called sit ups! Come on, man.