ChristyChungLuiYan   Netizens have been buzzing about the outfits Christy Chung and Lui Yan wore to the 7th Annual Asia Film Awards in Hong Kong Last night. Christy Chung (left) is one of the sexiest women alive, like ever. Her dress has netizens complimenting her figure but also concerned about her having a wardrobe malfuncition. Liu Yan (Ada Liu) on the right wears a low-cut orange dress. The 32-year-old actress looks pretty in her long locks and great figure. ChristyChungLuiYan6 ChristyChungLuiYan5 ChristyChungLuiYan4 ChristyChungLuiYan3 ChristyChungLuiYan2 LuiYan What do you think? Whose outfit do you like better? (sources: