YoureTheBestLeeSoonShin IU stars in the new drama You’re the Best Lee Soon Shin, and it has stirred up quite a bit of buzz on the web. On March 6th, the International Youth Organization filed for a ban on the use of the name "Lee Soon Shin" in the title and the character's name. Lee Soon Shin is a naval commander who fought against the Japanese during the Joseon Dynasty. The organization stated that this is misleading to the public, and notes that the drama pokes fun at the respected hero. This is not the first time KBS has received complaints. The initially title of "Nice Guy" had to be switched because of a formal request by The National Institute of the Korean Language (NIKL). IU_You'reTheBestLeeSoonShin On a more lighthearted note, IU looks great in the show, and netizens have been commenting on her amazing figure. Netizens said that she is adorable and has a lovely body. IU has been nervous about the role and we hope this cheers her up! What do you think about the drama using the name "Lee Soon Shin"? And how are you liking IU in her new role? (sources:,