Choi Dae Ho 2

22-year old South Korean Choi Dae Ho is being celebrated by netizens not for being a black belt in taekwondo (which he is), but for his spontaneous act of kindness to an elderly woman he encountered on a train. Living in Singapore as part of the World Taekwondo Federation Peace Corps, Choi noticed an older woman sitting barefoot on the train (Singapore streets can be scorching hot this time of year). He spontaneously removed his shoes and gave them to her, not realizing that another member of the Peace Corps was snapping a photo. Choi Dae Ho The photo, posted online, has since gone viral, with netizens praising his compassion. Choi says that he's surprised by the attention he's received: "I did not think it was such a big deal," he told the Straits Times. Just in case you're wondering, yes Choi is single.