So as you've probably heard, Rain has been disciplined by being confined to the military base for a week! While some view the punishment as a slap on the wrist, others make the argument that a week can do a lot of financial damage to Rain, and his production company as well. Regardless, most fans are happy that Rain will finish his service and not be held back. Still, there are some netizens that are outraged by the leniency of Rain's treatment, and the verdict on his punishment. A Ministry employee has announced that Rain was awarded his breaks through legitimate procedures, but if any problem is found, an investigation will be conducted. While fans were worried that Rain could face a harsh penalty for violating several rules including meeting Kim Tae Hee while he was supposed to be working in his studio, the quiet netizens broke their silence when the punishment he received seemed "weak," "unfair," or seemed like additional special treatment given to celebrity soldiers. Many netizens shared stories of how regular soldiers had to struggle and endure the strict rules of the army, sometimes even when a family member dies. The outrage of the netizens and the negative attention thrown on Rain and celebrity soldiers as a result of this scandal have shed light on what some consider to be "special treatment" of celebrity soldiers, as well as pushed some celebrities to reconsider their options while they await enlistment. However, in an article interviewing various anonymous male actors/singers who are planning to enlist, the interviewed celebrities said that they would rather avoid the drama in light of Rain's controversy and just serve two quiet years on active duty. What do you think about all this? Was Rain's punishment harsh, fair, or too lenient? (Source: