Are we all under Kim Go Eun and KyeongHa's spell?

Netizens are flabbergasted at the recent revelation that the Goblin actress and Top Secret member look like siblings. To our knowledge, the celebrity pair are not biologically related, but their stunning facial features are surprisingly identical. Photos of the 18-year-old idol have been uploaded on various online communities with the title Male Idol Who Looks Like Kim Go Eun. I have to agree that their face shape, friendly smile and cute eyes are just a few of the things that have you doing a double take. The reason we haven't seen KyeongHa until now, is because he just made his official debut with Top Secret this month. Their music video teaser for "She" hit YouTube on December 29. 

Netizen comments on his photos ranged from the sibling reference to the fact that they thought the rookie idol's images were photoshopped. Let's put it to the test by a little video comparison, shall we? Check out KyeongHa's idol teaser video and our girl doing her thing in Goblin.

In your opinion, are they twinning? Do you think he should play her brother in an upcoming production?


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Starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun

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