changmin The scandal involving f(x)'s Victoria and Chang Min is continually garnering interest as more and more 'evidence' of the two dating is surfacing online each hour. But in the midst of all evidences trying to prove their relationship is true, a post disproving all major proofs catches the reader's eyes. On an online forum a post titled 'The proof why the dating rumors of Chang Min and Victoria is not true' included most, if not all, the major reasons why people suspected the two idols of dating and gave counter-arguments on each. Regarding the same cellphone accessory, the writer wrote, "This doll has a specific color to each month according to the person's birthday and Chang Min's birthday is on February 18th while Victoria's birthday is on the 2nd." When fans argued that Chang Min had once revealed that his ideal girl was Han Ye Seul, when it was reported that Victoria and Han Ye Seul has similar qualities, the writer argued that Chang Min had stated different names when asked about his ideal type such as Kang Sora, Kim Tae Hee, and Han Ga In. And that's not all. The most credible and major proof in proving that Victoria and Chang Min are dating were the picutres of the two standing back stage, seeming as though they are holding hands. However, a video of the whole situation before and after the picture was taken was uploaded and readers were able to see that they were not holding hands but just exchanging greetings. There were proofs also saying that it was strange how Chang Min knew of Victoria's sleeping habits but the actual footage of when the still-shot was taken included Yoo Jae Suk giving hints to the question seeing that no one had guessed right. He started to say "When she's tired..." and that is when Chang Min answered the question. default Do you guys believe that they are dating? (Source: