Netizens have rounded up "real-life Barbies" from around the world the world! recently released photos of the popular online Barbie dolls, dubbing this syndrome a "Global Barbie Disease." Many of these women are not from Asia, but focus on anime beauty standards, featuring improbably wide eyes, large pupils and youthful appearance. 1. Anastasiya Shpagina - Ukraine's live doll. The 20  year old spends about two hours on her make-up everyday and strives to become a real life anime character. Anastasiya_Shpagina Anastasiya_Shpagina02 2. Venus Angelic - This young lady is hugely popular online and has a following in Japan and other parts of Asia. She posts YouTube tutorials online.  VenusAngelic VenusAngelic 3. Valeria Lukyanova - Another Ukrainian model, popular for her tiny waist. Valeria Lukyanova1 Valeria Lukyanova2 4. Wang Jia Yun - Nicknamed as "Chong Qi Wa Wa," meaning blow-up doll.  This Hong Kong model is popular in other parts of Asia for her unreal features. wang-jiayun1 wang-jiayun3 wang-jiayun-2 5. Dakota Rose / Kota Koti - One of the most popular online Barbie dolls, she is the younger sister of another scene queen Kiki Kannibal and has been working in Asia. DakotaRose1 DakotaRose2 6. Anzhelika Kenova - She has a 20 inch waist and is also from Russia. Anzhelika Kenova Anzhelika Kenova2 7. Andy Santana - Andy has been gaining an online following for her cute costumes. AndySantana AndySantana2 8. Mary Matveeva - Another Russian Model. Mary Matveeva3 Mary Matveeva2 Mary Matveeva Some of these looks are more extreme than others, but netizens are concerned with the unrealistic goals of achieving doll-like proportions and anorexia. Reporters comment that the "Lolita" look, emphasizing large eyes (often achieved through oversized contact lenses) and porcelain pink skin, has been a trend in Japan for years. However, it seems like because of the accessibility of the internet, many of the "Global Barbie Disease victims" are now from all over the world. hime_lolita (source:,