Kk41BF39 After upcoming spy drama IRIS 2 lost KARA's Kang Ji Young, the producers of the highly anticipated drama decided to jettison the character she was meant to play—instead of hiring another young female actress to play her role as an NSS agent—and create a brand new character instead. Only this new character is a male—and rumor has it, producers are looking to cast an idol. Netizens have been very critical of this decision. "So after hearing people say they don't want a girl group member, they decide to go with a boy group member? Just stop using idols," says one angry netizen. "There are tons of rookie actors but they are so determined to use an idol no matter what," says another. What do you think? Should they draw on another idol's star power, or give a rookie actor a chance? (Source: netizenbuzz.blogspot.com)