Sometimes it's the simple things that get the most attention. A photo of a boyfriend carrying his girlfriend on his shoulders at the Jinan City Zoo has caught the attention of netizens who have given the picture a ton of praise. 

As you can see from the picture, the zoo looked extremely crowded that day, which probably made it difficult to see certain exhibits. So the very considerate boyfriend who's featured in the photo hoisted his girlfriend on his shoulders, giving her the perfect view of the zoo's grounds.

After seeing this image, many netizens applauded the generous move, with some even calling him the "Best boyfriend in China." Of course there were some detractors, as there always tend to be in any comments section. One commenter said, "Let her ride once on your shoulders, and she’ll take advantage of you for the rest of your life, never to escape."

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Even if some people criticize, it doesn't change the fact that carrying your girlfriend on your shoulders is still a very nice gesture. 

This panda at the Jinan City Zoo is probably thinking, "Hey can someone carry me like that?"