Several netizens were not happy about the news that a women's prison in Ehime Prefecture in Japan was painted pink to makes inmates feel more comfortable. Beginning on November 24, the prison will hold 83 inmates as a way to reduce the overcrowding in other prisons.

One of the reasons that the prison was painted pink was in hopes to help with the rehabilitation and treatment of the female inmates. This move has sparked an intense debate online, with many saying that the pink prison is going too soft on the prisoners.

Others have said:

"Are they idiots?"

"Don't make it comfortable, fools."

"They're aiming to be a prison where people want to be incarcerated time after time."

"It's so weird that we live in a society that is so easy on women."

"They shouldn't be wasting tax money. "

"There's no need to paint the walls of a bloody prison!"

"I reckon white would be more relaxing."

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