Yoo Seung Ho quietly enlisted in the army in early March this year. He stayed away from the entertainment division in order to serve in the regular army. Having completed his basic training, he is now assigned to the 27th search battalion. The search battalion is one of the most respected battalions in Korea. After the ceremonies on the 11th of April, he will join his new battalion for specialized training before receiving his final orders and placement. A lot of Hyung netizens expressed how proud they were of Yoo Seung Ho. One netizen said, "this is what a true active duty soldier is, none of those other celebrities pretending to be one... What the hell do they even do? Amazing Oh Jong Hyuk and Yoo Seung Ho." Oh Jong Hyuk also served in the search battalion for the marines. Good luck to Yoo Seung Ho! Any words you'd like to send to say to this dedicated soldier? (Source: www.netizenbuzz.blogspot.com)