Throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game is usually about as eventful as doing your taxes. But one yoga instructor's pre-game contortions in Taiwan was so odd that the video of the bizarre first pitch antics has gone viral.

The three-minute clip shows the beautiful yoga instructor, clothed in cheetah print as she slowly starts removing clothing. The woman does a series of bends and stretches as she removes clothes before finally throwing the ball to the catcher.

The clip has received over four million views on YouTube, and as you can imagine, the video is filled with comments from netizens including:

"Ceremonial first pitches...we're doing them wrong in the USA..."

"This is how you pitch in Taiwanese baseball. Apparently."

"What did I just watch?"

"What's her name?"

What do you think, was this as strange as netizens seem to think, or just a wholesome yoga demonstration?