130426_517a0998abfc7 Netizens have a lot to say about HyunA's teaser for 4Minute's "What's Your Name" video—in particular, they have a lot to say about her fishnet stockings. Arguments have been taking place in the comments section of the YouTube video and elsewhere, between people who think she's showing too much skin and people who say netizens need to back off and let HyunA do her thing. On one side of the issue, one netizen says, "4minute never gets any reactions or responses unless they resort to gimmicks like this to stir controversy and gain promotion. 4minute has been out for four years now and they still don't know what they're doing." Another says, "Yeah, this is pretty bad... They need to differentiate between sexy and dirty. People can talk about American standards all they want, but this is Korea. This is way too much for our society to consider passable." On the other side, these netizens come to HyunA's defense, saying, "dear hyuna haters... why... are you seeing videos about/with her if you hate her so much? If you don't like, don't watch!" and "Hyuna is still amazing, regardless of what the haters say. <3" Decide for yourself: Has HyunA crossed the line from sexy to dirty, or are netizens overreacting?