Netizens do and they are crazy about Park Bo Gum And Lee Young Ae

Moonlight Drawn By The Clouds made a world of difference in Park Bo Gum's life. He was already well on his way to stardom with the Answer Me series when his historical hot series aired last summer. As a result, his popularity skyrocketed! During a recent online survey by PMI, 2,000 men and women (ages 20 through 50) were asked which celebrities looked the best wearing hanboks in historical K-dramas. 

Around 32% of ladies agreed that Park was the most handsome, while 14% of men gave him their vote. 

The lovely Lee Young Ae hasn't even made her grand comeback in Saimdang: Light's Diary, but fan's are already in awe by her promotional photos for the drama. About 33% of ladies and 22% of men agreed that she is simply beautiful in hanbok. 

Who else made the gorgeous hanbok list? For the gentlemen, Hwajung's Cha Seung Won scored close to 12%, and Yoo Ah In earned 9% of the votes for his Six Flying Dragons attire. The young ladies Kim So Hyun and Kim Yoo Jung trailed Lee with around 13% and 9% respectively for their hanbok style in Goblin and Moonlight Drawn by the Clouds

I think they look great in everything they wear, but the survey couldn't be more fitting since the Lunar New Year is on January 28. Now that you know what some South Koreans think, what is your opinion? Which stars do you think looks absolutely gorgeous in hanbok? 

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