A beauty pagaent held in Daegu had 21 contestants, all hoping to win the title. The issue, according to House News? They all pretty much have the same face with the same dream—hence the clever One Dream, One Face slogan. From the event's website, you can see that the girls, while they are all beautiful, look even more similar than some sisters do.

Netizens commented that there was no way to tell the contestants apart without a contestant ID number.  Netizens also worry that this event would be hard to judge based on how similar they all look to each other. Someone even commented that there might be a dispute for the title based on having a similar face.

An expert on Korean Culture said that Daegu City is famous for their beautiful women. Even a lot of contenders of the Miss Korea pageant are from Daegu. However, Daegu is also infamous for having great plastic surgeons.

Besides having the same facial structure, similar eyebrows, same haircolor, SLIGHTLY differently-shaped eyes, identical noses... they definitely do NOT look like clones.  You can surely tell them apart when their faces aren't plastered all over one poster.
Here are the pictures of the beautiful Daegu contestants:
And there you have it, the One Dream, One Face contestants that have netizens worried because of their uncanny similarities.
What do you think? Do they look too similar to have a winner?
(Source: www.thehousenews.com)