The gifts for NARUTO fans keep on coming. As part of the the "NARUTO Shin Jidai Kaimaku Project" (NARTO Start of the New Era Project), which has been celebrating the 15 years since the original manga was first released, the cast and  schedule were just recently announced for a musical theater production of NARUTO, which will tour all over Japan before heading overseas.

In America, there is a history of successful anime being adapted into plays or musicals, as seen by the Broadway productions of Peter Pan, The Lion King, and even Spiderman. The same is the case for Japan. Opening on March 21st at the AiiA Theater in Shibuya, the musical will wrap up its initial two week Tokyo run there on April 5th, moving on to Fukuoka, Osaka and Miyagi, before returning to the AiiA Theater for another two weeks at the end of April. From there, the show moves on to Macao, Malaysia and Singapore for some dates that are yet to be announced. Who knows? Maybe if the limited overseas shows are successful, the producers might look into bringing the show to even more countries around the world.


NARUTO Start of the New Era Project

The tickets go on sale from January 25th, going for 5000 yen (43 dollars) and 7500 yen (63 dollars).

Broadway, here we come.