This week we saw a daily Korean drama about the challenges of the millennial generation, an epic historical Chinese movie, two British masterpieces based on romantic classics, season 3 of a highly anticipated Spanish historical saga, and two adorable Taiwanese romantic comedies. Next week we'll be treated to a quirky new Korean romantic comedy and a stunning Chinese period movie  Let's take a look!


1. Bluebird's House

Starring Lee Joon Hyuk and Chae Soo Bin

Needless to say, life as a fresh college graduate is difficult, especially for millenials. Caught in the crosshairs of their parents' conservative perspectives on work and duty, a group of young professionals — Kim Ji Wan (Lee Joon Hyuk), Han Eun Soo (Chae Soo Bin), Jang Hyun Do (Lee Sang Yeob), and Kang Young Joo (Kyung Soo Jin) — live together and support one another as they vie for meaningful and well-paid positions, but find it hard to balance their individual hopes, dreams and desires.

2. Beginning of the Great Revival

This epic blockbuster delves into the origins of modern China's most influential first-generation leaders: ambitious warlord Yun Shi Kai (Chow Yun Fat), resistance fighter Tsai Ao (Andy Lau) and communist revolutionary Mao Zedong (Liu Ye). Fundamentally at odds with the Chinese monarchy and with each other, these leaders must navigate the chaotic complexities of the Chinese Revolution's most critical events — leaving marks on an emerging portrait of history that cannot be undone.

3. Jane Eyre

After a wretched childhood as an orphan, Jane Eyre accepts the position of governess at Thornfield Hall. She soon falls in love with the brooding owner, Mr. Rochester. Jane gradually wins his heart but, before they can find happiness as man and wife, they must overcome the dark secrets of his past.

4. Women in Love (BBC movie)

Two sisters navigate the vagaries of love in the BBC's distinctly feminist adaptation of two D.H. Lawrence novels, The Rainbow and Women in Love. Ursula Brangwen (Rachael Stirling,The Bletchley Circle), a schoolteacher who has just broken off with her self-centered fiancé, lives with her parents in Nottingham, while Gudrun (Rosamund Pike, Pride & Prejudice and Gone Girl), an artist, lives the bohemian life--cigarettes, trousers, and casual sex--in London. Both women want what they can't have and dare to speak out for their desires: for Ursula, it's a sexually satisfying relationship, and for Gudrun, it's the love of a married man. They take after their mother (Saskia Reeves), who regrets the lack of passion in her marriage with their father (Shaun Acker). "Find love," she advises Ursula, "that burns your very soul." (Source)

5. Isabel Season 3

Starring Michelle Jenner and Rodolfo Sancho

Immerse yourself in the royal court of 15th-century Spain, ruled by greed, lust, lies, and, above all, an insatiable hunger for power. The third season of Isabel continues the saga of Isabel Queen of Spain and King Ferdinand as they rule, defend, and expand their kingdom.

6. Bitter Sweet

Starring Xiu Jie Kai and Esther Liu

Wang Da Shan is a retired colonel who lives with his son, three daughters, and his mother. His four children are busy living their lives — studying, working, and falling in love. When it comes to educating his children, Da Shan believes in tough love and has always been strict with them; but in his children’s eyes, he’s just an old military captain who doesn’t have any soldiers to order around anymore. However, together, the Wangs march forward and live out each happy day as one big family.

7. Love Cuisine

Starring Lego Lee and Allison Lin

Things get hot in the kitchen when Oscar Han (Lego Li), a lively young chef, starts mixing up trouble under the nose of disciplined Chef Fang Xiao Rou (Allison Lin). But as these complete opposites struggle to create mesmerizing meals, they eventually discover that cooking with gas requires more than technical skills and bravado. In fact, romance just may be the secret ingredient Oscar and Xiao Rou have been searching for all along.

8.">The Front Line

Starring Go Soo and Shin Ha Kyun

It's the tail end of the Korean war, and a ceasefire has been declared, but the Eastern front is still ravaged in a race to capture Aerok Hills, a coveted border town. When Lieutenant Kang Eun Pyo (Shin Ha Kyun) is dispatched to investigate the murder of a South Korean commander — presumably by a South Korean bullet — he runs into his old friend Kim Soo Hyun (Ko Soo), who suspects foul play in Aerok Hills. In the midst of confusion and a heated battle, Eun Pyo must settle the score at all costs.


1. The Virtual Bride

Starring Kim Da Som and Go Doo Shim

In an attempt to regain her popularity, former idol star In Young (Kim Da Som) goes on a TV Show where she clashes with her on-screen mother-in-law, Yang Choon Ja (Go Doo Shim). However, the tension is increasingly worse off-set when In Young starts dating Choon Ja's real son!

2.">My Kingdom

Starring Wu Chun and Han Geng

Set in 1920 Shanghai's lively opera scene, two sworn brothers, Guan Yi Long (Wu Chun) and Meng Er Kui (Han Geng), embark on a quest to avenge their master's honor. As a result, Yi Long and Er Kui quickly become Shanghai's hottest rising stars and are quickly thrust into a world of fame and fortune, not to mention a complicated romance with the beautiful actress Xi Mulan (Barbie Hsu). But amidst a web of deceit and betrayal, the trio finds their pasts catching up with them — with action-packed results.

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