This week brought us a fun new detective show, a thrilling new crime drama, a passionate new melodrama, and an action-packed historical movie. Next week we have several new Chinese shows and a classic movie you won't want to miss. Let's take a look!


1. Punch

Starring Kim Rae Won and Kim Ah Joong

When Park Jung Hwan (Kim Rae Won), the chief of the anti-corruption investigation team for the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, learns that he has a malignant brain tumor that gives him only 6 months to live, he decides to throw his final punch at the criminal world before he says farewell to life. While he was once a dishonest chief himself, making compromises to achieve his position of power, Park decides to redeem himself by he taking down the corrupt Public Prosecutor General Lee Tae Joon (Cho Jae Hyun). In his passionate pursuit, he recruits the help of Shin Ha Kyung, his ex-wife and mother of his child who divorced him because he was only concerned with power and status and is now an upright prosecutor herself. Park is determined to redeem himself to the world, but can he also redeem himself in the eyes of his family?

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2.  Detectives of Seonam Girls' High School

Starring Kim Min Joon and Jin Ji Hee

There are a lot of dark secrets at Seonam Girls High School, but nothing is too difficult to solve for the school's Sherlockian group of private investigators. Mentored by their teacher Ha Yeon Joon (Kim Min Joon), these beautiful and intelligent sleuths — Ahn Chae Yool (Jin Ji Hee), Lee Ye Hee (Lee Hye Ri aka Hyeri), Yoon Mi Do (Kang Min Ah), Kim Ha Jae (Lee Min Ji), and Choi Sung Yoon (Stephanie Lee) — use investigatory finesse to solve hot-button cases, including abortion, bullying and suicide.

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3.  Bottled Passion

Starring  Raymond Wong and Niki Chow

Believing Ko Yi Ho (Raymond Wong) to be his illegitimate son, Ko Siu Tong (Samuel Kwok) adopts him and names him the Ko successor. Enraged by the demotion of their eldest son Ko Yi Tai (Joel Chan), Mrs. Ko (Rebecca Chan) ejects Siu Tong from the household. Years later, a bitter Siu Tong, now known as Tung Bin Sin, sets out on a destructive path to enact revenge on the deceitful Ko family, even at the cost of destroying the lives of everyone around him, including the naive Tsui Sum (Niki Chow).

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4. War of the Arrows (movie)

Starring Park Hae Il and Moon Chae Won

After barely escaping a coup that took their father's life, orphans Nam Yi (Park Hae Il) and Ja In (Moon Chae Won) find refuge in the countryside, where Nam Yi becomes a skilled archer and Ja In becomes a beautiful young woman. When Manchurian forces crash Ja In's wedding and abduct her, Nam Yi must singlehandedly save her from certain doom. But while tracking the captors, he manages to attract the deadly attention of warlord Jyuushinta (Ryu Seung Ryong), who refuses to give up Ja In at all costs.

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Note: Due to a tragic fire on the set of Maids, its release will be postponed until February.

Coming Soon

1.  The Virtuous Queen of Han 

Starring Wang Luo Dan and Raymond Lam

As a lowly servant's daughter, Wei Zifu (Wang Luo Dan) does not have many means, yet she is undeniably beautiful and virtuous. When she is later recruited to entertain Princess Pingyang (Niki Chow), she immediately captivates the attention of the court, including Emperor Wu Liu Che (Raymond Lam). Zifu's life soon changes in an unexpected way when she becomes Liu Che's beloved empress, but can Zifu's innocence and purity survive in a high society filled with disingenuous courtiers and intentions?

2.  Dear Mom

Starring Hong Xiao Ling and Xiu Jie Kai

The Li family was blessed with not one, but four beloved daughters, and though they've all grown up and gone their own ways, these four sisters — Li Lian Qing (Hong Xiao Ling), Li Yi Wan (Joanne Tseng), Li Qing Qing (Xiao Xun) and Li Xiao Xi (Fangzhi You) — find themselves reconnecting under the same household once again. From surviving divorce to navigating careers and college, there isn't anything the four Li sisters can't work out together in this heartwarming drama about modern family life.

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3.  Highs and Lows

Gordon Heung (Michael Miu), Senior Inspector of Narcotics Bureau's Operations Wing, is forced to partake in illegal drug manufacturing and trafficking after a mysterious man threatened to reveal his friend's illegal money laundering if he refused. Heung's good friend and student, Senior Inspector Wai Sai-lok (Raymond Lam) of Narcotics Bureau's Intelligence Wing, begins to grow suspicious of Heung after finding some evidence that hinted at Heung's illegal activities during a drug bust.

Heung's involvement with drug traffickers also gets leaked to Wai's rival, Chief Inspector Poon Hok-lai (Ben Wong) of the Operations Wing, who decides to use this chance to severe Heung and Wai's relationship. When Poon discovers that Wai had started a romance with his informant, Pat Chan (Kate Tsui), Poon gets in between their relationship and convinces Chan to leave Wai. He then indirectly forcibly exposes her to drug trafficking and consumption, and they eventually worked together to become two powerful forces of illegal drug trafficking in Hong Kong. (Source)

4. Blade of Kings (Movie)

Starring Charlene Choi and Jackie Chan

After being spurned by her lover, the Evil Queen (Qu Ying) turns all of the Flower Capital's men into slaves. Driven by a legend foretelling a mystic sword capable of overthrowing the Evil Queen and restoring balance, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Donnie Yen) recruits Peachy (Edison Chen) to obtain a magical map, with the mysterious Spring (Charlene Choi) and Blue Bird (Gillian Chung) in hot pursuit. Meanwhile, the Evil Queen mounts a destructive plan that could cost the entire kingdom — man or woman.

What did you watch this week? What are you excited to see in all of the new releases next week? Comment below!