This week was all about the historical dramas with two stunning new ones from Korea and a thrilling one from China. Next week we get to see a popular comedic office drama from Hong Kong. Let's take a look at what's new and coming soon to DramaFever!


1.  Shine or Go Crazy

(The first two episodes will air TODAY, January 30, on DramaFever. Episodes 3 and 4 will air on Monday, February 2. After that, new episodes will be released each Tuesday and Wednesday on a regular schedule. You can sign up for new episode alerts HERE.)

Starring Jang Hyuk and Oh Yeon Seo

When prophecy foretells Crown Prince Wang So (Jang Hyuk) will run the nation into a river of blood, he is banished from the palace. Years later, Princess Shin Yool of Balhae (Oh Yeon Seo) faces execution when she's prophesied to become the "light of another nation." After narrowly escaping death, Shin Yool stumbles upon Wang So and together they fall for one another in a whirlwind marriage, but as both of their families continue to hunt the starcrossed lovers, how long can they escape their destinies?

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2.  Maids

Starring Oh Ji Ho and Jung Yoo Mi

Set in the Joseon Dynasty, three women learn what love means as they try to navigate through the class system and survive. In Yup is a beautiful noblewoman who becomes a servant overnight when her father is framed and labeled a traitor. She ends up falling in love with a fellow servant, Moo Myung, while working for the royal family, and becomes friends with her own handmaiden Sa Wol thanks to their shared experiences. Meanwhile Ga Hee is the most famous gisaeng of the city but with her own aspirations for romance. She falls in love with Moo Myung, but what can she do when his heart lies elsewhere?

Watch episode 1 now:

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3.  Grace Under Fire

Starring Liu Xuan and Kenneth Ma Mok Kwai Lan (Liu Xuan) lives a simple life with her uncle Mok Ping (Law Lok Lam) and his adopted son Yau Sam Shui (Kenneth Ma), until she stumbles upon an underground fighting ring. Inspired, Kwai Lan implores grandmaster Wong Fei Hung (David Chiang) to teach her martial arts. As she excels, Kwai Lan also discovers an incredible family secret involving the rare Mok Gar style, but as war looms over the horizon, can she and her friends stay the path or will they stray from their master's teachings?

Watch episode 1 now:

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Coming Soon

1. No Good Either Way

Starring Stephen Au and Ruco Chan

This comedic drama depicts the lives of office employees in Hong Kong working for their overbearing and abusive bosses. 

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