Last week we saw a Chinese drama that has taken the world by storm. This week we're adding a classic Taiwanese drama based on a manga, an intriguing Korean drama sure to make you hungry, and a hilarious sequel to a hit Korean movie. Let's take a look!


1. Tiger Mom

Starring Zhao Wei and Tong Da Wei

A strong-willed disciplinarian mother, also known as a "Tiger Mom," faces mountainous pressure raising her daughter.


1. Honey and Clover

Starring Joe Cheng and Janine Chang

Three roommates — An Zhu Ben (Lego Li), Den Zhen Shan (Joe Cheng) and Ren Sen Tian (Eddie Peng) — live decidedly uninspired lives for art students, until the talented muse Hua Ben Yu (Chiaki Ito) enters their lives. When a love triangle quickly develops among Zhu Ben, Ben Yu and Sen Tian, everyone is forced to reexamine their identities, desires and futures. Meanwhile, Zhen Shan relentlessly pursues a mysterious woman, while cooly dismissing the affections of He Ya Gong (Janine Chang).

2. Late Night Restaurant

Starring Kim Seung Woo

A mysterious restaurant open only from midnight until 7am is run by a chef who only makes what his customers ask for.

3. Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island

Starring Kim Myung Min and Lee Yeon Hee

Following the events of the Secret of the Virtuous Widow, Kim Min (Kim Myung Min)—Joseon Dynasty's greatest detective—is hot on the trail of a money laundering conspiracy. Along with figuring out who's responsible for a bounty of conterfeit silver bullion, Detective K is also tasked with locating the missing sibling of a young girl. Could both these cases be connected? And just what is the secret of the lost island?

Which new dramas are you excited to see next week? Comment below!