This week we added a passionate historical vampire K-drama and a funny, yet touching, romantic film. Next week we'll be treated to a Korean action thriller based on a popular webtoon, a Korean political drama, a Chinese family drama, and two classic British shows from the BBC. Let's take a look!


1. Scholar Who Walks the Night

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Yoo Bi

After her family falls from grace and into poverty, Jo Yang Sun (Lee Yoo Bi) disguises herself as a man who sells books in order to feed her family. She meets a scholar (Lee Joon Ki) one night and falls for him, but little does she know he's actually a vampire.

Due to licensing agreements, The Scholar Who Walks the Night new episodes will be released on DramaFever on a two-week delay. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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2. If You Are the One 2

Qin Fen (Ge You) may be middle-aged, but he's got it made as a wealthy retiree, and he's got a gorgeous girlfriend named Xiao Xiao (Shu Qi). Things are going great, up until Fen presides over a comical divorce ceremony for his friends, prompting a contemplative Xiao Xiao to question their undefined relationship. Secluded on a tropical villa, the couple enters a "trial marriage," in which they must reevaluate what they love — or don't love — about one another.


1. Last

Starring Yoon Kye Sang and Lee Bum Soo

When a critical business deal goes belly up, Jang Tae Ho (Yoon Kye Sang) finds himself homeless and on the run from dangerous loan sharks. As the once-successful financier struggles to climb his way out of poverty, he encounters an underground community within the subway system, where an entirely different set of rules govern the lives of countless homeless denizens.

2. Assembly

Starring Jung Jae Young and Song Yoon Ah

Prior to being elected a national assembly member, Jin Sang Pil (Jung Jae Young) worked as a humble shipyard welder. Though brave and passionate about improving the country, Sang Pil unfortunately lacks the political knowledge and acumen needed to excel on the national scale. However, with the help of his intelligent and resourceful aid Choi In Kyung (Song Yoon Ah), Sang Pil just may be able to rise to the task.

3.">Heart of Greed

This drama revolves around the family of a renowned sea-products retailer, in which there are those who manage to endure to the end, those who consider themselves superior to everyone else, those who love and respect their brothers, those who seek every opportunity to fulfill their ambition, those who stay loyal to their beloved, and those who remain grateful for whatever they get. (Source: Drama Wiki)

5. Sense and Sensibility

Starring Hattie Morahan and Charity Wakefield

Based on the beloved classic by Jane Austin, this BCC version of Sense and Sensibility features world-renowned actresses portraying two sisters who are polar opposites in their approach to life and love in Regency England.  

6. Lark Rise to Candleford

This series follows the relationship of two contrasting communities: Lark Rise, the small hamlet gently holding on to the past, and Candleford, the market town bustling into the future. Seen through the eyes of young Laura, their inhabitants endure many upheavals and struggles as things change.

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