This week we saw two intense new action thrillers and a drama about second chances in life from Korea. Next week we have a a romantic and nostalgic Chinese high school drama perfect for the summer. Take a look! 


1. Duel

Starring Jung Jae Young and Yang Se Jong

Jang Deuk Chun (Jung Jae Young) is the chief of the crime squad. He is a kind, caring and friendly father to his young daughter. It’s a tough job and he comes from an equally dangerous past, but he never lets his family hear it. It’s the dream life, until the chief’s daughter is kidnapped. And after trying to get her back, Jang Deuk Chun sees that one man is always involved. Actually, make that “two men.” Sung Joon (Yang Se Jong) is the mysterious man somehow connected to the disappearance of Jang Deuk Chun’s daughter. Sung Hoon (also Yang Se Jong) is his clone. Or is Sung Hoon the original and Sung Joon the clone? Or are they both clones? Are they both real? And why do they have contrasting personalities? Why is one calm and collected while committing murder while the other is literally terrified of his own shadow? All these questions don’t matter to Jang Deuk Chun. What matters is finding his daughter.

2.  Stranger (Secret Forest) (June 10th)

Starring  Bae Doo Na and Cho Seung Woo

Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na star in an edge-of-your-seat thriller where no one can be trusted and every stranger brings new dangers. When an emotionless prosecutor comes across a serial murder spree, he must team with a passionate detective to catch the psychopath and end corruption in his own office.Together, the cold but lonely prosecutor and talented but inexperienced officer work to catch the serial murderer. Is catching criminals even possible, though, when the most dangerous kind of corruption is right within the prosecutor’s office? As our prosecutor and officer race against time to catch the killer, they will learn that strangers are a lot less dangerous than the people we know.


Stranger (Secret Forest)

Starring Cho Seung Woo and Bae Doo Na

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3.   Ms. Perfect

Starring  Ko So Young and Sung Joon (June 6th)

She was just supposed to be a loving mom and dutiful wife, but Ms. Perfect's life wasn't so perfect. And someone really wants to keep it that way. Ko So Yung (a beloved 90's teen idol making her comeback after ten years) and Yoon Sang Hyun star in a comedy mystery that proves that no matter how hard we try to be perfect, life has a a way of throwing chaos our way. When a dutiful wife and loving mother realizes that she has lost a sense of who she is, the fates provide a murderously good way for her to find herself. 


1. Love 'til the End of Summer (June 13)

Starring Zheng Shuang (Love O2O) and Chen Xue Dong

While a group of friends enjoy life in school without a care in the world, they don’t realize how difficult the following ten summers of their lives are going to be. Li Xia (Zheng Shuang) is the sweetest, most charming girl you will ever meet. In spite of everything that life throws her way, she maintains a positive attitude and believes that you must stand by your loved ones at all costs. She comes from a poor family, but has just gotten the chance to attend a prestigious academy. There, she immediately catches the attention of two local heartthrobs. Fu Xiao Si (Cheney Chen) is a talented artist, who many in the school consider a legend. Inquisitive and thoughtful, the one thing Fu Xiao Si cannot do is express himself, or his feelings for Li Xia. Lu Zhiang (Bai Jing Ting) is an eternal optimist. Judging by his constant smile, you wouldn’t even know the pain he hides in his heart. He is fiercely loyal to his friends and acts as a guardian angel to both Li Xia and Fu Xiao Si. Together, these three become inseparable, making both memories and bonds that seem unbreakable. They plan on remaining friends forever. And then, immediately after graduation, the reality of life slowly begins to creep in.

Fu Xiao Si, now a professional artist, goes through a personal tragedy. Li Xia, once Xiao Si’s assistant and partner, has gone her own way. Lu Zhiang is in prison. One of their former classmates finds fame and is blinded by the glory. Another heads overseas to fulfill her dreams and sees the darkest side of life. To put it simply, life has not been kind. The good old days of school now seem like a distant memory, and the former friends start to question how they were friends in the first place. Can they rediscover that special bond that kept them together, or are they simply rushing to a summer that is long dead?


Love 'til the End of Summer - 夏至未至

Starring Zheng Shuang and Cheney Chen

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 Which new dramas are you watching this week? Which new dramas are you looking forward to? Comment below!