This week we have an exciting new Chinese historical drama that fans can't stop raving about. Next week we have a heartwarming melodrama from Korea that will bring you both laughter and tears. Take a look!


1. Imperial Doctress (March 4)

Starring Cecilia Liu and Wallace Huo

Growing up in a family of physicians, Tan Yun Xian (Liu Shi Shi) was adored by her grandparents for her intellect, curiosity and medical acumen. Despite the many barriers for female physicians in ancient China, Yun Xian nevertheless proved herself to be a skilled family and female doctor — and ultimately the most famous female doctor of the Ming Dynasty.


Imperial Doctress

Starring Cecilia Liu and Wallace Huo

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1. Marriage Contract (March 7)

Starring UEE and Lee Seo Jin

When Kang Hye Soo (UEE) is suddenly widowed, she is left to raise her daughter alone. However, tragedy strikes again when Hye Soo develops an aggressive brain tumor, forcing her to seek an unconventional form of financial aid: entering a short-term marriage contract with Han Ji Hoon (Lee Seo Jin), a rich man with a plan.

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