This week we had another great installment in the "School" series and a Chinese martial arts action flick. Next week we'll see a cute new Taiwanese romantic comedy and a historical Chinese action movie. Let's take a look!


1. School 2015

Starring Kim So Hyun, BtoB's Yook Sung Jae, and Nam Joo Hyuk.

Lee Eun Bi (Kim So Hyun), a student at Gangnam's top high school, suddenly and mysteriously wakes up with total amnesia. However, when she discovers she was once cruelly bullied, Eun Bi becomes determined to right the wrongs of her past by transforming herself into a popular and glamorous girl. But along the way, she begins to recover fragments of her memories that slowly reveal the insidious truths of Segang High School…

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2. Flash Point

Starring Donnie Yen and Louis Koo

Sgt. Ma Jun (Donnie Yen) is a Hong Kong police officer with a reputation for violent behavior. He is determined to find and take down three powerful Triad drug dealers (Ray Lui, Collin Chou, Xing Yu). One of his fellow officers, Wilson (Louis Koo), is an experienced undercover agent working within the Triad gang. He and Jun agree to a partnership, but, when Wilson's cover is blown, Jun is forced to confront the gang the only way he knows how: with his fists.

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1. Be With You

Starring Bobby Dou and Vivi Lee

The crush she’s had for as long as she can remember, the same one that’s supported her to go on all these years, is suddenly gone. How will she restart her life? If they can’t be lovers, what kind of relationship can they have? But why does Ying-Jie’s girlfriend seem a bit weird? Are they really in love? Xia Man-Li, is a sophisticated lady in her 30’s. Even though she used to be the prettiest girl in school, she’s never had much luck with love. Does this mean her standards are too high? Or is it just like how Grandma puts it: “Pretty girls can’t live pretty lives.” At a school reunion, Man-Li bumps into Zhao Li-Chi, a guy she had a crush on at school. Surprisingly, Li-Chi is still as handsome and warm-hearted as when they were young. The point is, he’s still single! The two instantly connected and fell in love. But as fate would have it, just before they decided to marry, a rash harum-scarum starts messing up her love life. Xia Man-An has had a crush on Zheng Ying-Jie ever since they were little. Faithful to her life-long crush, Man-An is even willing to go abroad to study so that she can follow in Ying-Jie’s footsteps. She goes to great lengths to acquire a government scholarship, but a week before she’s bound to go abroad, Ying-Jie is back home again! Is it their fate to miss each other? Ever the optimist, Man-An decides to overcome her fears, and continue her journey to enrich her mind before she comes back to confess her love to Ying-Jie. But by the time she’s back, she finds out that Ying-Jie is already in a relationship. It dawns upon her that the fairytale-life she’s always dreamed of having with Ying-Jie already has a leading actress, and it’s not her.

2. White Vengeance 

Starring Leon Lai and Feng Shao Feng

Based on the true events of the Qin Dynasty's downfall, two sworn brothers, Liu Bang (Leon Lai) and Xiang Yu (Feng Shao Feng), rise as rebel leaders as the nation falls into chaos. But when King Huai of Chu conspires to bring them down with a mission built for betrayal, Bang and Yu ruthlessly contend against one another for supremacy and for the love of Yu Ji (Liu Yi Fei), leading up to an epic showdown at the Feast of Hong Gate — the infamous event responsible for the birth of the Han Dynasty.

Which new shows did you enjoy this week? What shows are you looking forward to next week? Comment below!