This week we had another addition to the nostalgic Answer Me series, the most-anticipated K-pop concert of the year, a British spy drama, and a fascinating and unique Korean movie. Next week we'll see a fun new makeover K-drama, a stunning epic Chinese drama, a sassy noona romance, a funny mob family drama, and a Korean movie that unites two of our favorite stars. Let's take a look!


1.   Answer Me 1988

Starring Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri) and Go Kyung Pyo

Centered around the excitement of the 1988 Seoul Olympics, a group of teenagers witness South Korea come of age as it is catapulted into the international spotlight. Set to a soundtrack of pop hits that define the time—including Cho Young Pil and Lee Moon Se—this hopeful group of teenagers quickly discover a whole new world outside of their humble neighborhood alleyway.



2.  BIGBANG MADE 2015 Concert

Starring BIGBANG

Exclusive to DramaFever, the BIGBANG 'MADE' World Tour concert is here! Featuring songs from their newest album ('Bang Bang Bang', 'Loser', 'Zutter', and more) as well as classics (who can forget 'Fantastic Baby'?), BIGBANG makes a huge splash stateside with shows in California, Las Vegas, and New Jersey. This episode covers their final show in New Jersey, where we follow the boys on a journey through their dreams and desires after a hard night of partying. Because BIGBANG wouldn't party any other way. Available only in North America



3. MI: 5 Season 1 & Season 2

A team of agents in the British security intelligence service work to protect the U.K. from terrorists and other threats to national security. A repackaged version of the BBC series "Spooks," "MI-5" follows a counterterrorism unit based in the highly secure suite of offices called The Grid, where Harry Pearce oversees the team and deals with the often dirty politics of the spy game.


4. Castaway on the Moon (Movie) 

Starring Jung Jae Young and Jung Ryeo Won

A failed suicide attempt lands Kim Seung Keun (Jung Jae Young) on his own private island so close, yet so far from civilization. Seung Keun begins to adapt to his life there until social hermit Kim Jung Yeon (Jung Ryeo Won) takes notice of him from her high-rise building. As she continues to watch him, Jung Yeon becomes intrigued by Seung Keun.



1. Oh My Venus (November 16)

Starring So Ji Sub and Shin Min Ah

In Oh My Venus, Shin Min Ah plays a lawyer who was a beautiful ulzzang in her youth but gains weight and loses her beauty with the pressures of her job. She teams up with So Ji Sub, who plays a world famous fitness trainer who helps her. They heal each other's hearts and fall in love in the process.


2. Wu Xin: The Monster Killer (November 17)

Wu Xin is an immortal who doesn't know where he is from, how long he has lived, or what he is. He wanders the earth with no purpose in life and no money. During one of his destitute spells, he meets Yue Ya, who gives him her last morsel of food. To repay her kindness and get more food, he decides to capitalize his only skill set: killing monsters. They begin a wondrous and often dangerous adventure of fighting supernatural evil, one paying customer at a time. (Source)


3. High School King of Savvy (November 19)

Starring Seo In Guk and Lee Ha Na

High school student Lee Min Suk (Seo In Guk) is the carefree opposite of his older brother Hyung Suk: In fact, the only thing the brothers have in common is their uncanny resemblance, despite a 9-year age gap. But when Hyung Suk goes missing, Min Suk receives a mysterious tip-off instructing him to pose as his older brother — a powerful executive. With the help of Jung Soo Young (Lee Ha Na), a quirky temp worker, Min Suk just might be able to survive high school and the corporate world.


4. Sweet Savage Family

Starring Jung Joon Ho and Moon Jung Hee

In a comedic blend of mayhem and domesticity, Yoon Tae Soo (Jung Joon Ho) takes up not one, but two high-stakes roles: head of the house and gangster kingpin. As the hardworking breadwinner of his family, Tae Soo may seem like just another loving father who’s trying to get by, but when he says he’ll stop at nothing to ensure his family’s happiness and security, he really means it.


5. The Thieves (Movie) (November 20)

Starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun

A group of thieves from South Korea and Hong Kong must work together to steal the priciest diamond on the market -- but is there really honor amongst thieves?

Which new shows did you watch this week? Which new shows are you excited for next week? Comment below!