This week we saw a big 2NE1 concert, three modern British dramas from the BBC, and a heart-wrenching Korean movie. Next week we have a fun new Korean romantic comedy, an adorable Taiwanese drama, another big K-pop concert, a hit K-pop variety show, and a romantic Korean movie perfect for Halloween! Let's take a look!


1. 2NE1 New Evolution in Seoul

Starring 2NE1

This 2012 concert starts off 2NE1's first global tour ever! Available only in North America.


2. Bedlam Season 1

A supernatural thriller set in a luxury apartment building which is haunted by the ghosts of its dark, violent past. Kate, who lives and works at Bedlam Heights, thinks anyone who believes in ghosts is a fool. But the surprise arrival of her troubled cousin opens her eyes to the terrifying truth.


3. Jekyll

It is 2007 and there's a new Dr. Jekyll, with an old problem – Mr. Hyde. But the pair have a deal - a body share - and an impossible life is somehow lived. What neither of them know is that an ancient organization is monitoring their every move.


4. Primeval

When rips in time called anomalies started opening across the UK, dangerous creatures from the past and future began appearing in the most unexpected places, endangering lives and placing the whole of humanity at risk. A crack team of specialists were appointed by the government to investigate and control “creature incursions,” creating the Anomaly Research Center (ARC), which was later privatized. Matt, Abby, Connor and Becker do the field work while Jess mans the ARC control station under the leadership of government official James Lester and the mysterious scientist, Philip Burton. From creators Tim Haines (“Walking with Dinosaurs”) and Adrian Hodges (“My Week With Marilyn”), Season 5 sees dark secrets bubble to the surface, testing relationships to the limit. As anomalies become more numerous, unpredictable and dangerous than ever before, the end of the world seems to be just around the corner… will the team be able to stop the approaching apocalypse before it’s too late? (Source)


5. Harmony (Movie)

Starring Kim Yoon Jin and Na Moon Hee

After killing her abusive husband, Hong Jeong Hye (Kim Yun Jin) is sentenced to 10 years in prison, and as if that weren’t bad enough, she's pregnant. Upon arrival, Jeong Hye gives birth behind bars, but must surrender her baby to an adoptive family in accordance with the law. Finding solace in an unlikely passion project, Jeong Hye and an inmate on death row set out to start a church choir. Touched by her determination, the prison chief promises to grant Jeong Hye one day with her son if she succeeds.


1. Bubblegum

Starring Lee Dong Wook and Jung Ryeo Won

Park Ri Hwan (Lee Dong Wook) and Kim Haeng Ah (Jung Ryeo Won) are childhood friends who couldn’t be more different. As the director of an eastern medicine hospital, Ri Hwan selflessly cares for his patients and his mother, while Haeng Ah charges through her life as a feisty and headstrong radio producer. Yet despite their differences and after all these years, Ri Hwan and Haeng Ah complement each other perfectly.

2. G-Dragon: One of a Kind Concert

Starring BIGBANG

Check out G-Dragon's very first solo world tour from 2013! Available only in North America.

3.">Unpretty Rap Star Season 2

Starring San E and Kim Yubin

Famed JYP rapper San E hosts this spin-off of the popular variety show, Show Me the Money, where instead of male rappers competing for the title of top South Korean rapper, only the ladies will go head-to-head to see who is at the top of the rap game. This season boasts popular artists such as Yubin (Wonder Girls), Hyolyn (Sistar), Jiyoon (4minute) and more!

4. Spellbound

Starring Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki

During one of his magic shows, Jo Goo (Lee Min Ki) notices an audience member—Yeo Ri (Son Ye Jin)—with misery written all over her face. Inspired by her morbid visage, Jo Goo creates a successful “horror magic show" featuring none other than Yeo Ri herself. Eventually, Jo Goo discovers that the girl's startling expressions are a result of a spooky sixth sense that left her completely alienated and resigned to a life of loneliness. Can Jo Goo handle a haunting romance with the creepiest girl in town?

5. Marry Me or Not?

Starring Roy Chiu and Alice Ke

Onscreen couple Roy Chiu and Alice Ke from Office Girls reunite in this romantic comedy. Watch the sparks fly when divorce lawyer Justin (Roy Chiu) meets the competitive Cai Huan Zhen (Alice Ke) who vows to be a winner in life at all costs including love.

Which new shows did you watch this week? Which new shows are you excited for next week? Comment below!